Tuesday, April 26, 2011

'Our Idiot Brother' Trailer

Paul Rudd is an idiot. Well, his character is an idiot in this movie. I personally love Paul Rudd.

He plays a guy who gets arrested for selling drugs to a uniformed police officer at a farmer's market and when he gets out he travels around and crashes in on his three sisters and mother. I'm guessing, as is usually the case with these movies, that it ends up having heart.

'The Troll Hunter' Trailer

Based on the fact that this is most likely a mock-umentary and as such looks quite interesting and the fact that it's Norwegian, and I love my Nordic folk, I believe I'll see this. Obviously the effects aren't stellar but my guess is that they are supposed to be like that.

Apparently, there are trolls roaming the Norwegian countryside and are kept in preserves by the government. That about covers it.

'The Devil's Double' Trailer

Just because you keep putting 'Based on a True Story' doesn't mean the adaptation of someones true story will be good. In this case it looks like what you'll be getting is a whole lotta orange.

The basic run-down is that Saddam Hussein's son is a giant d-bag full of sluts, money and greed and he takes some guy and hires him to become a double so he can continue being a giant douche. Of course he's incredibly violent and nasty and over-the-top, though I am sure the guy was a giant prick.

Movie-wise, it looks terrible. I don't really care that the story was/is based on some true life-story, the fact that it's being played out like some reject version of 'Scarface' in the Middle East really doesn't appeal to me at all.