Friday, July 31, 2009

New True Blood 'Release Me' Clip

Whelp...remember the other day when I posted about Valerie Cruz losing that annoying, awful accent as Isabel? And how she ruins every scene while she tries to act with said accent? Yeah, it's back!

Either way, we DO get some lovely Skarsgård though. So watch as Eric and Isabel discuss the Fellowship of the Sun army and why Isabel finds human companionship so attractive (man, I love how Eric is trying to get at Sookie!)

Watch. Love. Drool? Get annoyed at that bad accent.

EDIT: I had to use a YouTube video because the HBO one never embeds on Blogger. Go to HBO to watch the official video.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Is Guillermo Del Toro's The Strain coming to the small screen?

There is word out there that 'The Strain' may be heading to our small screens in the future. After FOX passed on the pitch and del Toro partnered up with Chuch Hogan to create a trilogy of books (the first of which is out now and definitely worth the buy), now it looks like Hogan and del Toro may be working with a production company to bring it to the television as a three season season. I likey!

{io9} via {variety}

Here are some creepy-ass little trailers:

Nelsan Ellis talks about Lafayette

Head over to to check out this awesome video with Nelsan Ellis.

I absolutely LOVE Nelsan Ellis and his character Lafayette and when he answers that he does think of Lafayette as sort-of the Hurley of Bon Temps...I just smiled! Hurley is my favorite character on Lost (besides Desmond) and while they are loads different, Lafayette is the comic relief (at times) just as Hurley is on Lost (also at times). Must be the reason I love them so?

He also talks about the booty-shakin' dances that Lafayette does after drinking V Juice and whether they come from himself or not? Hint: They do!

He also hints that though Bill and Sookie just left his ass at home broken and with a gunshot wound, he might rebound. He has had 1,000 year old Viking vampire blood, courtesy of Eric (Alexander Skarsgård), that Nelsan says gives him some strength that won't go away any time soon. I can't wait to see when Lafayette stops moping around and being all non-Lafayette-like.

Oh and it was announced that there WILL be a glorious third season of True Blood. Now, I just need Alan Ball to cast me as Debbie Pelt, or some other character!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

'Lost' Season 6: Things from Comic Con *SPOILERS*

Now let's talk about something good. Lost.

Specifically season 6, the last and final(sob)season of Lost. During the panel last weekend there was a handful a clips shown that hint at an alternate universe that seems to have happened after Jack drops the bomb and Juliet makes it go off.

People often like to say that the creators and writers know nothing about how it's going to end and that they are making it up as they go. To that I say, who the hell cares? As long as it's awesome and they stay the hell out of those zoo cages, I am happy. And they must include more Desmond and Hurley...always more Desmond and Hurley.

Here are a handful of clips that io9 posted.

Heroes Season 4 trailer

Look...I stopped watching this show round about, at least, a season ago. How is it that other, good shows die early deaths (Sarah Connor Chronicles) and this show just keeps chugging along while everyone beats that dead horse? I know they are different networks and all...but seriously!
What do we get for season 4?

  • Guy-from-Prison Break with a fake Irish accent at a funeral.
  • Sylar kisses Momma Fratelli (I don't remember what her name is on here...I just watched The Goonies, so we'll go with that).
  • Momma Fratelli snaps her back in a diner (bad coffee?) and then talks to Nathan about "new horizons".
  • Looks like Claire is continuing to yak about how she wants to be herself and she's still throwing herself off off ledges and shit to prove she can't get hurt. Yeah, we get it! Oh and Claires room-mate appears to see her fixing her broked down self.
  • Guy-from-Prison Break is still yapping on about family and blah, blah, blah.
  • Ali Larter's boring-ass character is STILL on this show? What the hell? She's blabbing on about breaking and...I don't care!
  • Since I haven't watched this and don't really care, who is Joseph?
  • Looks like they are hocking the stupid Nissan Cube?
  • So this year's story has the whole gang going to a carnival? Alllright.
  • And then a whole bunch of boring crap happens that is supposed to highlight the season. Instead, I got distracted by something shiny on the floor.
Watch it, if you must!

Bang Goes the...WHEEEE!

O.k., it's 'Bang Goes the Theory', but WHEEE!
It's a little clip of awesome from the BBC show of the above name. Watch a cannon blow a sweet-ass vortex of air at various things. Granted, the brick house wasn't a real house, but the vortex DID knock it down, so I'm counting it a win.

I want one so I can blow it at people who do stupid shit. I'll show them!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

'Hollywood Stunt Agents'

This is funny!

iMurders trailer

iStupid. iDumb. iRetarded. See, I can do it too! I can put a lower-case 'i' in front of words too and make a title. Hey, Robbie Bryan? I wouldn't put my name at the end, or the front, or at any point of this movie. Why do people nobody has heard of always insist on putting their names in the trailers?

I don't know either...anyway, this delightful film (it's not delightful) has the look and feel of a mid-90's computer game trailer. Which wouldn't be a problem if it was the mid-90's and it was a video game. It's like someone took half a dozen characters from everything from gay comedy to Lifetime Original Movie, and plopped them into a movie that covered the story lines of anything from Scream to P2. Yeah...that one!

Let's watch the trailer:

People play a game (oooh) on a site called FaceSpace (umm...sorry? FaceSpace? Why not TwitBook? Or MyFace?) and DIEEEEEE horrible deaths! How does someone get 'systematically killed' in a chatroom? They might get killed in their homes after visiting the chatroom, or did we also rip-off Virtuality too? This trailer makes my head hurt!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

True Blood Comic Con Panel 2009

Because you asked for it! Wait, what? You didn't ask for it? Well, too bad, you're getting it anyway.

Here it is, the True Blood Comic Con Panel 2009, lovingly uploaded by YouTube user magicinthenumbers in GLORIOUS High-Def!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Hit the 'HD' button for better res!

What kind of Skarsgård fan would I be...

If I didn't post this little gem?

First let me state, and I have witnesses (Robin Sachs, look him up if you need to) that can attest that I do not and would not ever act like some of the fans out there when meeting people I like. They are people too and all my gushing over this lovely man stems from him being incredibly entertaining and humorous in interviews/commentary, his generosity when meeting fans, his love of his family and, of course, the fact that he is lovely to look at/listen to (that accent, in English or Svenska, absolutely kills me!). So no...I would never actually ask him to bite me...I am a fan, not a nutcase. Robin on the other hand, would enjoy that request (hell, Alex might as well, but I don't actually know him)! is a humorous little video with Alex, Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer on True Blood.

Roland Emmerich to get his slimy hands on an Asimov story? had this story up on their site and it made me SOOO angry! I love Isaac Asimov and while I've never read the Foundation trilogy, I have so much respect for him that allowing Roland Emmerich to even look at the book is akin to blasphemy.

"Is Roland Emmerich learning how to use the light touch by hiring Saving Private Ryan's writer Robert Rodat to pound out his next scifi project, adapting Isaac Asimov's Foundation? And how scared are we that it's now longer than Patriot?"

How scared are we? Very. Giving that man any movie to make is bad enough, but throw in a writer who makes screenplays that are 240 pages long? And we will have a very long, very drawn out, very badly CGI'd movie-disaster on our hands!

The rest of the article, which you can access below, is an interview with Roland Emmerich.

I don't know Mr. Emmerich, he may be a really great, nice man who just happens to make scripts into steaming piles of shit. I don't know. But I CAN tell you that this board post just about sums up what would happen if he got his hands on, well, anything really.

"Ext. Trantor skyline- night. There are 20 or 30 small explosions in the background to set mood.

Int. HARI SELDON (Jason Statham) and PRINCESS VOLUPTUA (Megan Fox) in a hot tub in Seldon's penthouse. VOLUPTUA is reading HARI's psychohistory findings from a cybertablet. She is wearing horn-rimmed glasses because she is really smart but now takes them off and shakes out her hair to reveal that she is in fact really hot too.

VOLUPTUA: But Hari, according to this the Galactic Empire will fall plunging billions of worlds into the Dark Ages. That would be bad!

HARI: I know, sweetcheeks, but the Imperial Council won't listen to me. Even now, the Mule and his Space Pirate Cyberzombies are tearing through the Mega Laser Wall at the edge of the Omega Sector. Listen to them out there. [2 medium sized explosions for listening to] Society is tearing itself apart. As a noted academician, that really pisses me off.

VOLUPTUA emerges from the hot tub and walks hotly to the balcony and leans over saddle of hovercycle. 2 medium and one big explosion for backlighting. She arches her back.

VOLUPTUA: What are you going to do, darling?

HARI points a remote at wall. Panel slides open to reveal all sorts of really big weapons. He lights space cigar. Tight shot of HARI's face.

HARI: It looks like I'm gonna have to teach them all the basic Foundations.

3 really big explosions for emphasis.

Emmerich's Asimov Foundation Trilogy Being Written By Private Ryan Scribe

'My One and Only' Trailer

Meh...looks maybe okay? But there is one thing that bothers me and that is Renee Zellweger's hair. Why does it look like she's wearing a wig in every movie? Maybe she isn't, but it sure-as-shit looks like it!

Clip from 'The Goods'

This just in! Men. are. stupid!

If you are a man and a pretty woman that appears WAY out of your league tells you that you are the best looking man and that she wants to sleep with you, and/or she is selling something to!

Mystery Team Trailer

Whee! It's time for some trailers!

What happens when three guys who grew up pretending to be mystery-solvers run into a real mystery/crime they are asked to solve? would appear that they get into a bunch of shit trying to solve a real-life murder.

Honestly when that woman said 'Charlie Day' I immediately thought it was Charlie Day and got so excited only to realize that it is not, in fact, Charlie Day but a character. Poop!

"I don't know Jason, according to his shirt, he has No Fear"

Saturday, July 25, 2009

True Blood: Peek at the rest of Season Two!

OMGWTFBBQWii! This looks great!
What goes down?

  • A voice yells "The war has begun!" as Sookie, Hugo and others (??) walk toward a blazing light in the forest.
  • "We are prepared for Armageddon" says Steve.
  • Sookie asks Bill, "What are you?"while Lorena throws Bill down on the bed.
  • Eric says the bond between a vampire and his maker is stronger than Sookie can imagine. He suggests one day she might find out. Bill does not look happy!
  • Maryanne comes to the jail (why is Sam in jail?) to "help" Sam out.
  • Sara tells Jason that God wants them to frak.
  • Steve threatens Jason about choosing "them", while Jason is so stupid he thinks he's talking about Sara.
  • The Dallas vamps fly into a church (?) while someone attacks a bunch of people .
  • That minotaur thing chases Sam who is asking why she is doing this to him and Daphne says it's because Maryanne can't control him.
  • Sookie tells Lorena to, "Go find someone else, you bitch, you've lost this one" and Tara slaps Eggs.
  • More black eyes among Tara and Eggs. I hate those black eyes!
  • Lafayette (yay!) asks Tara if she's even in there! And Tara looks up all creepy and shit with those black eyes...again!
  • Sara tells Jason that he came to prey on her and her vow to her husband.
  • Nan says it's a, "National vampire disaster"
  • Eric whispers to Sookie to trust him (...done!).
  • Maryanne looks like she's in Merlottes and is asking for Sam Merlotte!
  • Steve says that there, "Will be a holy bonfire at dawn!"
  • Eep! Eric is chained to the pulpit with silver and Tara is being torn from a house with those black eyes and she's...hissing?
  • Eggs is shrieking (with the black eyes) in the forest while Maryanne takes off the minotaur face (WTF?)
  • Who is that in bed with Sookie? They have blond hair...Is it Eric? Oh let it be Eric!
  • Flashback to Bill, Lorena all old timey!
  • Bunch of scenes, Bill punches Eric and Steve's standing on the pulpit.
  • Some old timey lady asks, "Want to join me?" Yes, yes I do, lady!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Book of Eli Trailer

Holy Crap! Denzel Washington in a movie where he doesn't play Denzel Washington? I've waited for this day for so very long.

Book of Eli is about a man in a post-apocalyptic wasteland that may or may not have some kind of key to the future of humanity and life on Earth. It's all Fallout-like and awesome, with crazy vistas of destruction and the remaining humans are all trying to kill each other. And there's Gary Oldman, who can resist some Gary Oldman? No one, that's who.

It's like watching Fallout and Canticle for Leibowitz (a great book, go buy and read it) played out on the big screen, with explosions and awesome! Man...I can't wait to see it!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tyler Perry's I Can Do Bad All By Myself

Alright...I make no bones about liking, nay loving Tyler Perry. I think he makes movies with a clear and concise message to his audience. Even when his movies aren't the best (Madea Goes To Jail) there is still a message. In the case of 'Madea' the message was that it isn't someone else's fault for your trouble, it's your fault. A good message to throw out there. On an off note, I didn't like Madea as much as say, 'Diary of a Mad Black Woman' because there wasn't enough of the promised Madea.

So this new TP movie shows some Madea, but also appears to have another story rolling around about. Madea's house is broken into and she catches three kids. She takes those kids to their aunts house and leaves them there. The aunt doesn't want them and it appears whoever their mother/father is doesn't want them either. Nice.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Back to the Future 1 & 2 Side-by-Side Comparison

Someone made a side-by-side comparison of the end of Back to the Future 1 and the beginning of Back to the Future 2. Why? Because Michael J. Fox (or, Alex P. Keaton as I like to call him) aged between the two and whoever played his girlfriend was now played by Elisabeth they had to reshoot. And reshoot they did. It's pretty awesome and I love these movies. I also want a hoverboard.

Funny story not related to this movie completely: This one time I was in Royal Oak, MI and there was a store across the street that had sweet-ass 80's shades on a rack in the window. There was even something painted on the window about referencing the 80's and being "cool". So as we waited for the light to change so we could cross I said to my sister, "The only thing missing is a DeLorean" and I shit you not, one pulled up to the light! I almost died laughing. What was worse: That someone was driving a DeLorean in 2007 (if the Miami Vice Theme by Jan Hammer was playing out the window, my life would have been complete), or that they were selling glasses and advertising you'd look "80's-cool" if you bought them?

Thanks I Watch Stuff (and College Humor)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Torchwood "Children of Earth" Day One


Day One of the 5-part (boo) mini-series (season 3) of Torchwood started tonight and what a doozy!

A bus full of small children are being driven out into the middle of nowhere, they depart the bus and walk toward a white, blinding light. All except one small little boy, who hangs back. The rest of the children disappear and BOOM!, back to Cardiff.

Gwen is on her way to work and encounters a strange site. A few children, stopped right where they are, in the middle of the street, chanting "We are coming" over and over again. Then, they just continue on as if nothing has happened. When she gets inside Torchwood she can't find Jack or Ianto.

That's because they are in a hospital, pretending to be the caretakers of some old dude just so they can get access to his body and remove a little hitchhiker, which did not kill him. They also meet a doctor names Rupesh, who we are to assume is the new Owen...he's not :( It'd revealed toward the end that he is working for some kind of group that was ordered to kill Jack. He shoots him and a horde of baddies enter and implant a bomb inside of Jack. Oh, and Rupesh gets shot dead. Which I was sad about because I liked this guy.

We also learned that some Frobisher guy was the one told to off Jack...but by whom? He tells the Prime Minister about this '426' business (so called because the 'aliens' are broadcasting on that signal). The Prime Minister tells Frobisher that he never heard of this and it's his problem. Great...

There also appears to be an eldery man who is in a psychiatric hospital. Turns out he's psychic and is the little boy who ran from the white light at the beginning. He meets with Gwen and tells her that she is pregnant and that he can smell the 'aliens' and has been for weeks. He also runs from the hospital near the end, when the same people who planted the bomb in Jack come to the hospital. Ut-oh!

We learn a bit about Jacks' life as well, when he goes to see his daughter and grand-child. She doesn't want him around because he's always the same age and she doesn't want her son to have to know about Jack's immortality. Jack wants to spend time with the son, but is it only to experiment with the signal frequency, or because he really wants to be part of his life? His daughter thinks it's just to experiment and tells him that he won't ever experiment on her son.

Jack ends up back at the Hub where he find Gwen giving herself some kind of scan. She finds out she is indeed pregnant and when Jack touches her hand and an alarm goes off. He does have a bomb inside of him and he orders Gwen and Ianto out of the Hub now! It explodes...and what comes next?

What I love is that it still has that Torchwood feel, even though it's only a 5-part mini-series. And that we learn some more about the characters and Jack in particular. He's so mysterious a character and he's immortal, so there is no telling what lives he's lived. It was hinted at by Captain John just before he stepped into The Rift in 'Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang' last season. Wonder what else is in store for our fair Jack?

One thing I always wanted more of on Torchwood is the chemistry between Jack and Gwen. I know they love each other, but now she's married to Rhys and is having his child and Jack is with Ianto, so will there be more? I hope so. I also really miss Tosh and Owen. Burn Gorman did such a wonderful job with Owen last season, showing him going through all the emotions of literally losing his life and yet still being alive. What was he? What happened to him? Etc...and then he died. It was heartbreaking. I'm sad he's not on anymore. I've always loved this show for it's slight camp, creepiness, seriousness and some very powerful episodes/scenes (Adrift, season 2, is a favorite of mine...absolutely haunting and sad). Can't wait for more tomorrow!

True Blood "Never Let Me Go" Recap


Alright...last night's True Blood was not my favorite. Nothing much happened and there was some bad acting; more on that later. First, let's go over what went on:

We learned that Daphne is a shifter too, she's a little deer. But...why does she have those marks? I do not trust her one bit, she's hiding something and I am not sure if her character is one from the books that has been retooled, or not. Oh, she and Sam make out on the pool table.

Sookie talks to Barry the Bellhop and he tells her to go away and leave him alone. Also, he can't control his "ability". He quits by the end of the show...where did he go, and why? Probably because he knows Sookie is going to get him in some kind of trouble because she's got 'Kate Austen'itis, you know what that is, right? If you watch Lost you do. Bill also told Sookie to watch it because Dallas vampires are different. She doesn't listen...because she is Sookie and that's what she does.

Lafayette (hooray! Lafayette!) goes to talk to Sam and asks for his job back. Clearly he is still not totally his old self, but these people are so into themselves, they just go, "Where were you?" and when he says nothing back they think that is just fine. Let's just let him walk off! He isn't okay, people!

Jason is runnin' for Jesus at the Light of Day Camp and during a bath he is treated to a little, well...treat by Sarah. She tells him he needs to be rewarded, so she gives him a "hand" (uh-huh-huh...). Strangely, he tries to ward her off. Come on, Jason! You're Jason! Just do her and make me happy!

And...Maryanne. Maryanne, Maryanne! I read the books so I know what is basically going on, but stuff has been changed, so I am a bit confused. Anyway, Maryanne shows up at Sookies with her bountiful bunch of fruit and crap and Tara tells her to go away since it isn't her house. Maryanne tells her that fancy house wasn't hers and they take care of each other, so she wants to live there. Maryanne isn't that happy that Tara tells her no and so she shows up outside of Merlotte's and makes everyone get pissy at Tara...real nice, Maryanne, real nice! It works in her favor and Tara asks her to stay. Also...I hate Eggs and want him to go away now. He's creepy. If I was Sookie I might not like all these random, weird people in my house.

And now we get to the best and worst part of last night. Eric, Bill and Sookie go to Stan's to talk with him and Isabel. No offense to Valerie Cruz, but the girl can not act and she really ruined every scene she was in. Her attempt at some kind of accent just came off as someone trying to act with a bad accent. The best of the night was learning some of Eric's back-story and why he cares SO much for finding Godric. Some lucky lady won a contest to ask Alexander Skarsgård three questions via email and one of them was about the most fun thing he shot this year. He talked about the battle shown in this episode in which it was done completely in sexy-ass Swedish with some of his friends from Sweden. And it was sexy as hell, even though they were all nasty and shit. I have included it below and if you can get through Valerie Cruz' terrible acting, around 3:30 the Eric Viking part starts. He cares so much about finding Godric because he is his maker. He also appears to have tattoos of some kind. Egyptian, maybe? Also, thank god Eric fixed his teeth since he was turned...them's nasty!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Gentleman Broncos First Clip!


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That's the first clip. This looks like an outrageously funny movie from Jared Hess and stars the hilariously funny Jemaine Clement (Flight of the Conchords) and Sam Rockwell. Clement plays author Ronald Chevalier who writes ridiculous sci-fi novels like "All ten of the Cyborg Harpies trilogies" and ends up stealing an idea for a novel from one of his students.

Here are two little virals from Ronald Chevalier's official website.

I can't wait for this movie to come out!

Funny Movie To Watch: Kids in the Hall Brain Candy

This is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. It is crazy, stupid and funny all rolled into one neat little morsel of stupid.

If you are unfamiliar with The Kids in the Hall...where the hell have you been? Go rent this movie and all their other things NOW!

Basically this movie is about a group of scientists who create a drug for people that will allow them to recall their happiest memory. Unfortunately, it also causes them to fall into a coma. Now the scientists want to stop the drug from being sold and the drug company, of course, wants to stop's what every comedy group wishes their movie would be.

If you've seen Superstar and noticed that little green VW Bugs keep driving around, you'll see that repeated here, only with Neons...a cute little detail.

Here are some funny clips and I apologize about the lack of synch in some them...I didn't upload them:

Monday, July 13, 2009

Movie You Should See: Generation Kill

This is all I should have to show you to get you to watch:
The final scene:

But, if you need more convincing.

The 7-part mini-series is stark, quiet, loud, funny, sad, moving, and paints a picture of the first phase of the the war in Iraq in 2003. Based on the book of the same name by Evan Wright, a reporter for The Rolling Stone, the mini-series follows U.S. Marine Corps' 1st Reconnaissance Battalion as they carry out the mission's as they are told to, no matter what their personal feelings are toward those missions.

As one who is not a big fan of "war" movies, I mostly rented this because Alexander Skarsgard was in it, he plays Sgt. Brad "Iceman" Colbert. But I am glad that I did because it's not the typical "war" movie. It is not all explosions and blood and guts and Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds. It's more somber, more quiet and more reserved. There is no music save the songs the Marine's sing, until the very last episode 'Bomb in the Garden' when the company sits down to watch a video one of them made and a Johnny Cash song, 'When the Man Comes Around', starts to play. I liked it this way, it made the show more personal and made it feel like you were there with them, instead of watching a mini-series full of actors who were in Africa.

Here are a few clips:
If you are squeamish about language, skip through most of this, though I hope you watch because it shows some of the great humor used to break up what they were going through.

One of the many stupid speeches given to the Marines:

And a best of the action parts:

True Blood "Never Let Me Go" Promo

Well I still don't know what the title 'Shake and Fingerpop' referred to, but it was a great one! Hell, everyone is great!

Here's the promo and rundown for next week's episode: 'Never Let Me Go'.

  • Eric asks two people if they are sure that Godric was abducted by the Fellowship of the Sun
  • The guy says they are the only ones with the organization and manpower.
  • Sookie's wearing too much makeup and she and Bill look around all "what's he mean"-like.
  • Rev. Newlin and Sarah are talking to some big, hulking dude. Newlin tells him he has valuable information. He says he'll pay whatever it is along.
  • A fat guy runs with Luke and Jason.
  • Sam asks Lafayette (yay!) what happened to him and Lafayette asks to talk to him.
  • Maryanne and that creepy guy she slapped ("Nobody asked for towels!") are sitting in a car in the Sookie's?
  • Tara asks Eggs (I don't like this character at all...he creeps me out) what his deal is with Maryanne. "They take care of each other." (riiiiggghhhttt)
  • Bill tells Sookie they should slip away to Bon Temps but she says she promised Eric. (Sorry Bill, Eric is WAY hotter).
  • Steve and Sarah tells Jason he's rising to the next level and Steve takes Jason off for a walk.
  • Ed Quinn tells someone "It's a war" (I don't know what his character's name is)
  • Images flash: Jason has a rocket launcher and says "Amen", Tara looks surprised, Sam looks shocked, someone gets thrown into a fenced-in area, Sam looks astonished/scared (?), Terry picks up Arlene (why is Sam so shocked at that?), Bellhop runs from Sookie, Jason's in a bathtub (?), Sam is with Daphne, Steve's pointing a gun at someone (Probably Jason)
  • and...Bill asks Eric "All this for a colleague...why?"

Friday, July 10, 2009

True Blood "Shake and Fingerpop" Clips!

Here are three delicious, wonderful clips to tide you over until Sunday's episode of True Blood, "Shake and Fingerpop" courtesy of HBO.

UPDATE: OK...I wanted to embed the damn videos, but they won't work on here. are the links and a little photo of the clip.

Eric and Bill talk

Maryann torments Sam at a party

Lafayette and Tara

Click the link and watch...because it's a good show!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New True Blood Promo Pics*

Here is a new batch of True Blood promo pics that rounded up.

I added some commentary for them! You're welcome!

*Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) in a tank-top? I don't even care what is going on in this scene...he's frakkin' hot!

*Eric (Skarsgard) seems to be offering his wrist/blood to someone. Yes, please!

*Eric (Skarsgard) and Bill (Stephen Moyer) are looking into a room. What'sa goin' on?

*Awww...I am so happy this seems to be playing out this way! Terry (Todd Lowe) and Arlene (Carrie Preston) are getting cozy. So cute! And in the second shot they look surprised. Might be when Eric is flying around for her kids?

*Fancy-Bill at piano and fancy ladies in a room with Bill in background, must be part of a flashback. Moyer's lookin' fancy here and I love those dresses!

*Yay! Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis)! But is it non-fucked-up Lafayette? Or back-to-normal Lafayette? I don't care, it's Lafayette!

*Let's see: She is wearing lingerie and he has his shirt open in a bedroom. Come on Jason! Don't fail me now! I know the tiger can't hide it's stripes...Oh! He's probably going to get in trouble with her husband too.

**For more promo pics, visit the link above**

Torchwood 'Children of Earth' promos

I make no bones about the fact I love Torchwood. I do not really care for Doctor Who...but Torchwood I love. Season 3 is a measly five episodes, but it looks like an AMAZING five episodes!

I covered the show a few posts back, but here are some more promos for the regular BBC showing, which is already onto day 4 tomorrow. We get it July 20th.

Just a little tip: This scares the shit out of me! These are wonderful promos!

Clive Barker's Book of Blood Trailer

It's Red Band! Why? I don't know. I assume because they show the main character, Simon, naked tied to a cross? But it's from behind and I wouldn't exactly call that 'Red Band' material. People in the U.S. are way too prudish about nudity.

Anyway...Simon has writing all over his body, the result of spirits writing on him and he gets called in to help discover what happened at some house. And then he gets written on and people walk around in blood. I really don't know, but I do like Clive Barker and it looks real interesting. So I might rent it.

New Pandorum Trailer

This is another movie I am unsure of. One the one hand it looks "Event Horizon"-y and cool. It seems to have great production design and looks like it's shot very well. But then, I read the description which seems to go from a story about two crew members aboard a ship who wake up to find all the other crew members missing to a Road Warrior/The Descent horror flick. That could go either way when the film actually comes out. Judging the way movies have been lately I am guessing it might turn out bad. Let's hope I am wrong.

Big Fan Trailer

Look...I am not a sports fan, I'm more of a movie and television fan, but if I went up to one of the stars I liked, let's say Alexander Skarsgard, and he accused me of stalking him and beat the shit out of me, I'll be damned if I am going to let him roll around town happy as a clam because I don't want him to miss a movie/TV roll (though for the sake of all that I've heard of him, he would probably buy me a chicken burrito and some strawberry ice cream and skip the beating).

This is what happens in Big Fan. Patton Oswalt plays an immense sports fan whose life revolves around sports. He works as an attendant (kind of like in King of Queens) in a parking lot and maybe lives with his mother?

During a night out, he sees his favorite player going into a bar and he and his friend follow and eventually approach and ask for an autograph. The friend says they came all the way from Staten Island and the player starts accusing them of following him and beats the crap out of Patton in the middle of the bar. When he wakes up, battered and bruised in the hospital, the cops say the player could get 3-5 if he just goes over everything that happened. Well, he doesn't want to talk and instead has a fit that his brother is suing the player on his behalf. His mother calls him "sick".

This is a Patton Oswalt we are not familiar with and it looks good on him.

New District 9 Trailer

I don't know...I am starting to get the idea, based on this trailer, that these aliens might not be just rainbows and sunshine. Anyone else get that idea? And I kind of like the marketing they are laying out for it (even though they mistakenly tried to make a male-only contest because they claim that is their target audience).

The first trailer (which you can find on here, courtesy of Trailer Addict)showed humans saying they didn't want them here and they need to go and they aren't welcome and the aliens saying they want to go, but we have their ship. Now it looks like that may be the case still, yet during an outing some government officials find some kind of lab and a canister containing some kind of spray that may, or may not, start fucking with some guy. Then...all hell breaks loose. Aliens start going ape-shit and smashing humans around and I hope it doesn't devolve into typical "crappy action movie" territory. And why is everyone so in love with these Ironman suits? Now aliens are making and wearing them!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Jennifer's Body-with apparently the True Blood Season 1 poster

Ummm...look. I know, you know, we all know that Megan Fox is a good looking woman. But, as an actress, I would think she'd want to do more than just be "hot girl" in everything. If it isn't "hot girl" in Transformers, it's "hot girl" in Jennifer's Body, or "hot girl" at the coffee shop with David Sliver (who is hot now, himself). It's called type-casting and it's something she'll be doing until she gets too old to do it. I really hope she didn't decide to do this movie on the assumption that she was going to be doing something "different" and "daring", because it looks a lot like "Megan Fox takes her clothes off, makes out with women, and delivers lines with varying emphasis".

Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel (yeah...that's the title)

Let's keep this description of this tripe simple: Further raping of one of my childhood cartoons and the fact they are in love with themselves in drag...

Cold Souls

Paul Giamatti plays Paul Giamatti, a man whose soul is weighing him down. But then he finds an article on a place that extracts your soul and puts it in cold storage. He has the procedure done only to find out that it isn't what it was cracked up to be. Now he feel nothing. When he goes back to get his soul's gone! Apparently it has become a victim of "soul-trafficking" and was taken to Russia.

It looks cute and I love Paul Giamatti.

The Invention of Lying

I know that they probably show the best parts of this movie in this 2:16 trailer, and that makes it look funny. But it will probably not be funny when it is an hour and a half long. Hopefully, that won't be the case.

Amelia- We all know how this ends...

Here's the trailer for Mira Nair's new film, Amelia, starring Hilary Swank as Amelia Earhart. Since we all know how this ends, why go see it? looks good, that's why. And I really like Mira Nair and her directorial style.

The movie covers what appears to be the life of Amelia Earhart. She flies a plane, everyone loves her and then she disappears. Wonder if it will just end with her disappearance being a mystery, or if they will go with a Bermuda Triangle/Shot down on desert island/taken captive by someone? It would be nice to someday find out what happened to her...

Never Be Mine short

This is a really good little short movie by Maria Tornberg. In the movie, she plays Liv, an actress from Sweden who is living in America (Los Angeles, to be exact) trying to make her name. It's her birthday and it sounds like she is waiting for her father to call. She hasn't seen him in 15 years, and he apparently doesn't give a shit.

After some auditions where some casting guy was a complete ass, she goes to a coffee house to meet her boyfriend (or just a guy she's dating) who is a complete ass who only cares about himself. Kind of the typical L.A. "actor" type. A women he knows shows up and they start talking about pilots and shit right over her, completely ignoring her, and she gets up and leaves. On her way out she is approached by the lovely Alexander Skarsgard who she has a little crush on (who the hell doesn't?) and he gives her a birthday present and tells her she has makeup on her face and cleans it off (and she imagines a very nice little snog). She gives him her headshot with her photo and he tells her she is prettier in person, in Swedish. On her way past she sees him talking to some other girl and figures that's over.

She also goes to Ikea and some bitch takes her spot. Her day is shit. And her father still hasn't called. At the very end her answering mached says, "You have one message" and you just hear someone start to talk.

It's a great little movie that Tornberg wrote, directed, starred in and edited and I think she has potential out there. She certainly isn't bad to look at and I really felt how bad she felt throughout all the shitty things happening to her. I can relate to a bad day in Los Angeles as portrayed here.

Never Be Mine

Sunday, July 5, 2009

2012: It's a Disaster!!

If you visit on any kind of regular basis, you will be familiar with the "This Is A Disaster" feature, presented by Garrison Dean (which may or may not be his real name). It's clever and funny and this week is particularly great as it covers Moon and the above-mentioned 2012. Check it out below:

Having seen most of the disasters that Roland Emmerich has created, I think this is a fair look at what this disaster will be. And I might want to see it in this funky 70's clothing Garrison Dean has dressed it in.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

X-Files: I Want To Believe

Like a horrible cliche that I've heard a million times in reference with this movie, I wanted to believe it would be good. I really, really wanted to believe this movie would be good. The reason why you ask? Because I love The X-Files.

I don't know what it was that drew me to the series from the get-go, but I remember pleading with my mom to let me stay at home on Friday nights in order to watch the show. I was usually made to go to the football games that my sister was marching in and because these were the days before Tivo, DVR's and online viewing, if you didn't set your VCR, you were shit out of luck. But regardless of these facts, I was able to catch most of the show in one way or another and even though a large part of the series, the mythology if you will, regarded one of my two greatest fears/paranoia's, that being aliens, I loved it. I looked forward to being scared by some weird genetic freak-twin that detaches from its brother and murders the other freaks at the Freak Show (Humbug; Season 2); I still call Doug Hutchison 'Tooms' (Squeeze/Tooms; Season 1); Alex Krycek was one of my biggest crushes (Nick Lea still does it for me); 'Jose Chung's From Outer Space' (Season 3) and 'Bad Blood' (Season 5) were two of the most memorable, funny episodes of television I've seen; I was happy I'd recorded 'Home' (Season 4) because it was so controversial FOX said they'd never air it again. For almost the entire series' run I was enthralled, scared, humored, and followed the relocation from Friday night to Sunday night; I even continued to watch, though in a diminished capacity, when the new agents (Doggett and Reyes) came on and the magic of Vancouver was replaced by Los Angeles. There was just something about the mountains, coasts, forests and towns of Vancouver and Canada that made the series have it's creepy, moodiness. And at the end of the run, I wept for an amazing show that had little hope at the beginning and was so different from anything else on T.V.

Then came The X-Files movie, which kept to the mythology and which I really liked, it even had a great soundtrack. And then there was nothing. The stars went on with their lives. But last year I heard word of a new movie! Then came word that it wouldn't be related to the mythology and to which a casual or non-viewer could watch and not be lost; and there was where the worry began. Deep down there was that funny tingling in the pit of my stomach, that tickle of worry. Why would you make it unrelated to the mythology? Well, maybe it will be a stand-alone film, like the circus freak episode? Then I later read that the synopsis would roughly be: FBI agent Monica O'Bannon disappears and Mulder/Scully get called in to help, even though they are no longer working for the FBI, to determine if Father Crissman is really a psychic who knows her whereabouts. Really? That doesn't sound very X-Files-y.

Then the trailer came out, I was intrigued. I didn't get to see the movie in the theatre though and just had a chance to rent it the other day. It wasn't bad, it also wasn't good. There was no magic to it, no passion, no...nothing. I get it's a wrap-up and end it once and for all film, but where was the X-File?

(Spoilers Ahead!)

The film opens with the Agent O'Bannon being abducted by Cylon Leoben (Callum Keith Rennie) and some other man and then goes to what seems like the first of many unnecessary scenes of Scully treating some boy in a hospital and digging up research on his rare condition, but it makes more sense about an hour later; now these scenes just seem boring and unrelated to anything going on in the movie. Scully gets a request from the FBI to get Mulder to come help find this missing agent and to determine if Father Crissman is what he claims to be, or is he just a former priest who was convicted of molesting alter boys? Mulder, of course, comes to believe there is something going on here and Scully doesn't. But my question for almost the entire movie was: Where is the X-File? When am I going to get scared of watching this at night, in the dark, in my living room? Apparently the answer is: Never.

I still can't watch a significant portion of the series episodes without having to keep the light on in my room at night; I wanted this to be the case for this movie, and it wasn't. So why didn't I get it? All of the hullabaloo eventually comes to an end but it does so with little interest, intrigue and fanfare, and that made me sad. However, the movie was exquisitly shot, with amazing scenery (Vancouver and other parts of Canada, of course) and the usual quota of 95% of the cast from Da Vinci's Inquest and BSG. And I really liked that the snow was actually snow.

So I gave the film a 75% because I didn't like it, but I certainly didn't hate it and could, in theory, watch it again. But I wanted more, so much more, of that magic that captivated me from 1993-2002; monsters, aliens, ghosts and that Mark Snow-violin-prick-spine-tingling-oh-crap-there's-something-there music and theme song that I connect with one of the reasons for loving the medium of film and television.

True Blood "Shake and Fingerpop" Promo **SPOILERS??**

It's that time again. Time for me to run down the next episode of True Blood via its promo! And what's this nonsense about having to wait until July 12th?

A person has needs! And my need is more of that sexy Alexander Skarsgard (Eric) and more of that pearl-clutchin' Lafayette (he better get his ass back to pearl-clutchin', I'm just sayin').

I really like how every episode of True Blood has a title that gives a little hint at something that will go down. Like last week, for instance, it was called "Scratches" and Sookie was attacked by something and scratched and Daphne had some kind of weird scratch (like Sookie's) that has healed down her back. And then the end song kind of plays on something that went on in the episode too. Last week it was 'Scratches' by Debbie Davies, which came on right after they showed Daphne's back. I just love it. So I am a little perplexed at this next episode's title...

On to the promo:

  • Lafayette seems to be dozing, still wrapped in that afghan, all cried out, when *POOF*, Eric appears at his window.
  • Lafayette tells him he can't come in unless he's invited and he tells Lafayette that he has to come out eventually. Oh hell! I'd let him in STAT! Come on Lafayette! I know he tortured and fed off you and tied you back up in the basement, but you have eyes, right? Let.Him.In. I would.
  • Ut oh! Look's like Jason is being summoned out to Reverend Newlin. What did he go and do now (Not the Reverend's wife...yet. Come on Stackhouse, my bet was by episode 3...I lost)?
  • And Newlin has a gun...great. And they are taking a trip together, wonderful!
  • Sookie gives the photo of her, Tara and Gran to Tara as a birthday present and they'll celebrate properly when she gets back from Dallas.
  • Tara tells Maryanne that she's moving in with Sookie. Maryanne's reaction? Chuckle-chuckle-chuckle in that "Oh hell NO, you aren't" kind of way.
  • Bill asks why this is personal to Eric. Eric says that "if one such as he can be taken, then none of us are safe". Hmmm...Damn, you are pretty!
  • And Jason seems to be attacked (by himself, 'cause that's how he "attacked" Dawn in season 1) by someone. Someone can "smell that hot blood".
  • Bill tells Eric that "open agression against humans is insane", while Sookie gets grabbed and screams; someone gets punched on a lawn; someone on a bed; Sam; Jason points a gun in a Jeep; Maryanne vibrates; Jason punches someone; Tara screams; and Daphne whispers in someone's (Sam's?) ear, "I know what you are".

WTF? RoboGeisha

What.the.Fuck? Seriously.

Did katana just shoot out of her armpits? Did she just "transform" into a tank/lady? Why does the narrator sound like he's trying REALLY hard to say these words in English? Like, if he tries REALLY hard, it will make this a giant cinematic success. What.the.fuck? Why did those buildings spray blood when that robot (that looks like a building) hit them? Buildings don't bleed.

Oh it gets even better! Now there is a guy in a wheelchair shooting something. And...some chick gets stabbed in the crotch with a sword and starts spraying blood everywhere. What the hell is this? Oh! Oh, I I get an explanation...the 'war of the Geisha begins'...well now it completely makes sense.
What the fuck, Japan? What.the.fuck?