Monday, June 29, 2009

Box of old Zelda games found!

Oh, if I found this, I would be "SQUEEEEING" all over town! This is one of my favorite, if not my favorite, games of all time. Who can resist the little adorable Link walking around while that music tweets and twerps in the background!

Kotaku-Box of Old Zelda Games Redefines Definition of "Case Fresh"

Oh God...I'm having problems here! Call the medics! I LOVE Link! Remember when you go to that one castle down in the bottom left of the map and have to read that little book and he sings "Do-doo-do-doo-do-doo"? No...?Just me...? How old are you? Are you under 25? Well, then get your Wii out, fire up that wi-fi and buy that shit!

Via: Kotaku via gamesniped

Beyond the Pole Trailer

A simple story about two men, friends, trying to reach the Pole (don't know which...I assume North) in record time (to get in the Guiness Book of World Records) or to save the Planet...The guy yelling at the person in the Land Rover about it being too big, is just hilarious. Hell, the whole thing looks hilarious!

I don't know when it comes out, but it looks great! I mean, Stephen Mangan's character is named Mark Bark Jones!

Sunday, June 28, 2009


I avoided watching this trailer because the poster isn't that appealing:

Yet, why not watch the trailer? And it looks pretty good. Sure, it's another vampire movie in a sea of lite-on-the-sex/violence Twilight movies, but it's also kind of different looking.

In the near future almost everyone on Earth is a vampire and those who aren't vampires are hunted for their blood, which is apparently farmed...yuck! However, they are running out of humans and now what are they to do? And what happens to them once there is no more blood to feed on? Well it looks like they turn into some kind of horrible freaks without blood! Wonderful!

Ethan Hawke's character stumbles upon some humans who need his help rebuilding the human race. And they have crossbows and Willem Defoe. They seem to have a cure to change them back.

It's got a great looking washed-out blue style and they use a great cover of Kate Bush's Running Up That Hill in the trailer by Placebo. To me, it's looks like what I hoped I Am Legend would have been. Check out the trailer below:

Friday, June 26, 2009

Virtuality-FOX's new show that they try to bury before it's birth!

Fox has this knack for buying and then killing shows. Shows people like. Shows that are good. I know they are in it for the money and the money comes from advertising...but the advertising is for us, the viewer. And no matter how small the audience of a show, there is still an audience. Killing and killing and...killing shows over and over does something: it alienates your audience. And when your audience is alienated, so is the advertisers audience.

You may be asking yourself: What is this woman talking about? Let me tell you.

Tonight FOX aired a "TV Movie", which wasn't really a movie but a back-door pilot for a show they clearly have no intention of ever making into a full show, seeing as they have essentially buried it in the summer, on a Friday, the week before the 4th of July. I can really only assume the reason they even aired it at all was that there were no stupid episodes of "reality" TV left and/or so many Ron Moore/BSG fans asked them to (or the advertisers to) and they relented and plopped it down. Now, they did move it from tomorrow night to tonight, but that isn't really saying much as it is still Friday night: The day shows go to die (Terminator, anyone?). I heard people say, "They've started promoting it and put it on Friday instead", well yes they did, however this is FOX we are talking about. They praised New Amsterdam up and down as a great show and promoted the crap out of it until...nothing. And then it was aired to little fanfare, was moved around, disappeared and then died. It was a pretty good show, though it had some plot problems, yet FOX, as they always did, cancelled it. Remember Firefly? That great space-western from Joss Whedon that everyone loved so much they made a feature length movie to give some kind of peace, of sorts? Same thing. Terminator? Ditto! In other words...FOX is the #1 network for shows to die a quick death on no matter their quality.

Now on to Virtuality. I don't know why it isn't on Sci Fi, lord knows they need a show now that Battlestar is gone and Caprica isn't on until who-knows-when, but it's on FOX. It was written by Ron Moore, directed by Peter Berg and stars some pretty unknown, but very good, actors. Yes, the story is very sci-fi but true to Moore-form, the show is less about science fiction and "boldly going" to new planets to meet the "alien of the week" and more about the characters and some type of social commentary; this time our dependence on technology.

Basically the story is about the crew of the Phaeton, on a mission to Epsilon Eridani to search for possible other lifeforms. It's a trip that will take roughly 10 years and so, installed aboard the ship are virtual reality modules to help the crew detach from life on board a spaceship. The crew are also part of a reality television show that is broadcast back to Earth called The Edge of Never, paid for by some type of secret (it seems) corporation.


The "movie" covers the decision to go or no-go on the mission, which must be decided by the time they reach Neptune. They can continue on...or head back to Earth. However, Earth is having it's own issues and it appears it will be uninhabitable in about 100 years, so going forward would allow the search for a new home perhaps.

But that isn't all that is going on during the two hour show. Strange things begin to happen with the virtual-reality modules. Things like a strange man showing everyone's program. A man not programmed by anyone, it seems. He shoots the captain, Frank, in two separate incidences, causing him to review the simulation again which leaves him strangely excited and upbeat...until his "death" at the hands of a malfunctioning airlock; but is he really dead? The strange man pushes the ill Dr.Meyer off a cliff in his simulation causing him to also become strangely euphoric and relaxed. However, he doesn't bring joy to EVERY crew member. He rapes the shows host, Billie, during her adventure fantasy...something she did not want and yet he clearly tells her she does. I'm not sure of the significance of his visit to Joy Bryant's character in the OB/GYN office, but it can't be good. Who is he? Is he really there? A program malfunction? A glitch? A, so called, Ghost In the Machine? Is he sent there by the corporation to "create" ratings by offing the crew? Can you imaging a better ratings pull than a ship out in space, full of people that are being killed, with no way to get help? If I was a TV Exec, I'd see giant dollar signs at that proposition.

Will we ever find out what Frank wants to show Rika when she follows him "down the rabbit hole", as he mentioned to her in his secret simulation he created (and somehow lives in, as himself, his DEAD self) for her? I don't know...but I want to know. I want to see where this is going. And I can see it going before or after Fringe! Nestled right in there with another, proven, sci-fi show. Come on something right for a change! Make this glorious, tasty, beautiful Ron Moore-treat into a series you finish! You already have a built-in geek crowd with Moore attached!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

True Blood "Scratches" Promo "SPOILERS??"

Oh Hoyt Fortenberry...that is a tree you do NOT want to be barking up!

Here's a rundown of the next, glorious episode of True Blood:

  • Sookie frakked up and Bill yells at her. Well, she isn't going to deny Eric's request to go to Dallas NOW.
  • Hoyt starts sniffing (is that gross to say?) around Jessica. She's not a nice girl! She's dead and sucks blood! Or complains and whines mercilessly.
  • Tara asks Maryann why Sam hates her. Maryann says it's because he lost Tara and wants to blame someone. Yeah...that's it! Let me point this out...whenever Michelle Forbes is around, shit gonna go down. Badly.
  • Black-eyed beer drinkers are around with a VO of Sam telling Tara (?) to stay away from Maryann. Everyone is still getting nasty around the bar with her around.
  • Steve tells Jason that there is a war out there and they have to choose sides while frames of Sookie and Eric, Eric and Bill, still-screaming Ginger getting a gun pointed at her by Sookie who says "take me to him!", Jessica biting (eep!) Hoyt, Eric bearing his fangs (NOM NOM) and then grabbing Bill's arm (?), someone running through the night mist and some creepy-gross hand, Sookie getting knocked down...flash by.
  • Oh! I know this is the episode Jason bangs can't be more than 3 episodes in. Yeah. He's talking to Sara on a porch, they're grasping hands.
  • Now Jason is praying in a dark room (?) and saying "I'm lost!" You aren't lost're just dumber than a bag of rocks! And so pretty!
Whew! That's a lot for a 0:37 second promo. Who wants to bet that creepy hand belongs to a werewolf...or something and that it is...Eggs? Or Daphne? Who else could it be?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

le Pacte des Loups (Brotherhood of the Wolf)

If you've never seen this movie, I encourage you to go out and try to find it. Sadly, it's out of print...but find it!

It's weird and stylish and beautiful...and foreign. So beware you'll have to read subtitles, know French or be ready to sit through English dubbed over French (which I find weird. I like to hear their voices).

Here's the rundown:
It begins during the French Revolution where the Marquis d'Apcher is hanging out in his castle as a mob screams from the street below. He has been writing his story.

The film then flashes back to the 1760's where some kind of beast is terrorizing the province of Gevaudan. They send for a man, Gregoire de Fronsac and his companion, an Iroquois named Mani, to find and kill the beast.

That's all I am going to say about the main storyline. Let's just say there are some amazing shots and it's an overall really good movie. It's also based, loosely, of course on the le bete du Gevaudan, an incident in which a group of some unknown beasts were going around the French countryside killing people by tearing out their throats. The attacks seem to have occurred in 4 year intervals up until the 1950's. Wikipedia has a great article, with citations available at the Beast of Gevaudan.

Here's the teaser trailer, which contains the song 'Sleep Now' by Hughes Hall from the soundtrack to Dark City:

Here's the trailer:

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Virtuality clips

Here are some clips from Ron Moore's hopefully back-door pilot, Virtuality. Sadly it will be on FOX and it looks miles above a lot of crap on that it will either never be made into a series...or, they will cancel it after 3 episodes.

Here's hoping that their lame attempt to show it on June 26th, a Friday, will be a success and they'll at least pick it up.

Last Ride

Look's like Chook's father stole him in the middle of the night, possibly telling him that his mother left him. My guess: that isn't true. And now he's on the run and sounds like he is a bit of an ass who likes to hit women and maybe children.

Great trailer with some beautiful cinematography. I'd like to see it when it doesn't come out at any theatres around Detroit.

via: Trailer Addict

The Cove

This looks really interesting and disturbing and I don't know if I could watch it. But it looks intense and striking and sad.

via: Trailer Addict

The Time Traveler's Wife

Eric Bana travels through time willy-nilly meeting Rachel McAdams as a child and then meeting her later as an adult. He tells her about the kids they don't have yet, he disappears for ticks of time and then comes back. She understandably is upset that she has to live through stretches of time without him around. And Eric Bana is really hot in this movie...plot, not so much.

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Shutter Island

When I first saw the title 'Shutter Island' I thought, "A sequel to the awful "horror" movie Shutter?". Then I saw Martin Scorcese, Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo and I wasn't any more excited. And then...then I saw something about a "hospital for the criminally insane" and my curiosity was piqued!

What I get from this trailer is a woman, an "inmate", has disappeared from her "cell". Leo and Mark are called in to find out where the hell she went to. Leo starts seeing things and it looks really creepy and good.

via: Trailer Addict

The Final Destination

Stupid Lance (I don't know if that is his name, but I assume it is), don't you know that you can't stop the final destination smoke (wasn't it smoke) from getting you? If you don't, go rent the first three movies before the "Big Race"...and save us from seeing your run from death...IN 3D!

Admittedly I like the first one. It was clever and original. 3 sequels in and I can safely say, stop beating the dead horse! Just stop!

via: Trailer Addict

What if David Lynch directed 'Dirty Dancing'?

Well look and see. This is an awesome, and pretty faithful idea of what would happen if David Lynch directed (or re-edited) Dirty Dancing. And I love it!

Full and complete credit goes to Youtube user kaflickastan

Click the link to watch it, it's a great one if you love David Lynch: David Lynch's Dirty Dancing

Monday, June 15, 2009

Hi! Can you be more condescending please?

Look, I am not one to get offended by anything. But there is one thing that sets my phasers to destroy (like the Star Trek reference?) and that is condescending talk about women only being interested in cooking/cleaning/big closets to put their shoes/clothes/purses in.

So when I saw this headline from one of my favorite sites: San Diego Comic Con: Not Really For Girls? I just had to run over and read. This isn't something io9 was saying, they were reporting on two specific things. One being a contest put on by IGN open only to males in the United States aged 18-24 to win a "journalistic assignment" in a tie-in for District 9. The irony is well...ironic (see, if you aren't aware District 9 is a movie about some aliens from outer space that land on Earth and are forced into internment camps and deals with issues of treating intelligent beings as second class citizens [in this case the irony is that this contest is open to only males and treats women, who aren't the "target" audience as second class citizens. I know it's not completely the same...but the second topic of this article deals with the second-class citizen part])

IGN claims it's not their fault (as is covered on io9) because it was a marketing event from the studio aimed at a narrow audience...apparently girls don't like alien movies. Funny...I quite like them (Just NOT Fire In the Sky and certainly not Communion) guess I'm not a woman, or over the age 18-24. They've since decided this is probably not the best image to throw out there and have created an "equal" contest for those pesky females. No one who came up with this contest thought about the fact that a lot of these men might actually enjoy being interviewed by a cute girl asking about District 9?

Now onto the other topic covering Comic Con. It's an article from the L.A. Times! Apparently women only care about Twilight and New Moon (look, I just saw the first one and while I enjoyed it, I'd hardly scream for the stage to get near those pot-head kids). They mention True Blood (which I love) and rushing to the stage to offer to (wait for it...) do Jake Gyllenhaal's laundry on his abs! Look, no offense to Jake Gyllenhaal, but I wouldn't offer to do his laundry, nor any man's laundry on anyone's abs or in their washing machines; they can do their own damn laundry, this isn't 1952!

What makes this article so annoying is that they assume women don't watch or play things targeted at men and wouldn't want to go to Comic Con just for the good ol' geekery of it, or to see people in movies or shows they like for any other reason other than "they take their shirt off".

Apparently, according to IGN and The LA Times, women should be happy to wash clothes and see shirtless men...while I don't mind washing my own clothes and seeing a nice looking shirtless man, that isn't what I am interested in seeing at Comic Con. I wonder why there isn't a Boy's Guide to Comic Con, wherein we see how many women take their tops off? Hmmm...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Comfort Wipe! Ick! I wish this was fake. First extending your grip "an extra 18 in." seems a bit excessive. And if you are touching the dirty part of the toilet paper, you really need to take lessons or something.

Thanks to Geekologie for pointing out this little gem!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Offline Trailer

Trailer for a strange, and "off-kilter" (as accurately described it)movie. Apparently it was made to gather funding for a feature-length film and if it's made, and made well, I think it'll be great!

I love weird looking movies with strange visuals (like Tarsem Singh's The Cell and The Fall), so I am on board.

Here's the trailer:

O F F L I N E from Matthew Santoro on Vimeo.

And here is the link to the site: Offline official site

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Return of Summer Television

Tonight marks the beginning (at least for me) of the summer television season with the return of Burn Notice on USA. In accordance I am going to point out some shows you should watch this summer. I'll add some more later as their dates come closer.

Burn Notice Thursday 9pm USA
Michael Westen is a spy...or he was a spy before he got burned. What does being burned mean? Well, you lose your job, your assets, your identification...everything. According to your former employers, you no longer exist. This is the situation Michael Westen finds himself in at the beginning of season 1 when he wakes up in Miami with his ex, Fiona, telling him he is back in Miami. He meets up with his good friend Sam and together with Fiona they go around helping others in Miami with situations that the police won't or can't help with.

Jeffrey Donovan is great as Michael and brings a certain manliness, charm and humor to the character (plus, he's cute as a button...damn Irish blood). Bruce Campbell plays Sam Axe and he's, well, Bruce Campbell-great! Sharon Gless is hilarious as Michael's chain-smoking mother, Madeline.

BONUS: Royal Pains Thursday 10pm USA
I am including this because it is a new series premiering tonight after Burn Notice. I don't know much about it, but it appears to be about an ER doctor who moves to the Hamptons after he is blamed for the death of a patient. He then becomes a doctor for the rich &/or famous before being asked by a local doctor to help the less fortunate.

I'm not big on doctor shows but I do like Mark Feuerstein, who plays the main character, Hank Lawson and Paolo Costanzo.

True Blood June 14th (Sunday) HBO
Ahhh...True Blood. There is nothing quite like this show on TV right now. It combines a delicious blend of sex, violence, cheese, sex, story, sex, vampires This is like the adult, grown-up version of Twilight (meaning that even in it's cheesiest moments, it's awesome). I couldn't quite get into Charlaine Harris' novels, even though I wanted to, I just don't like her writing.

True Blood is about Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) who moves back to her home town of Bon Temps, Louisiana and works at a bar, Merlott's, as a waitress. Her boss has a mean crush on her (and a shady/weird past/secret)and he doesn't make it a secret. In this universe vampires have come "out of the coffin", so to speak, and there is a product called True Blood which is a synthetic blood. She meets a man, Bill Compton, in the bar and he turns out to be a vampire. And he appears to have fallen for her.

The main focus for the first season revolves around Sookie's life and some strange and brutal murders around town. Seriously, a great and fun show. And Sam Trammell is mmmm-mmmm good.

Sorry about the mono-sound. Don't know why, but they uploaded it that way.

Hope you watch and enjoy these three shows and stay tuned for more in the coming weeks!

Pixar vs. the Rest -

This is pretty awesome.

Pixar vs. the Rest -

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Literal Music Videos-I might be a Literal Music Video Snob...

Not to poo-poo this new 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' literal music video or anything, but's not that good, funny OR well-done. If you want good literal music videos...stayed tuned, I'll point you there. You might ask if I am too harsh on this Bonnie Tyler video: The answer is no...if it was of a quality of the DustFilms videos, I'd love has potential.

The person singing in the Bonnie Tyler one doesn't even sound like Bonnie Tyler and while the video itself is ridiculous, if the goal was to try to rip off the good ones, I say FAIL! EPIC FAIL! There are some funny parts, but overall it just doesn't have the perfection that DustFilms literal music videos have (they can be seen via DustFilms or DustFilms).

Let's review:
Bonnie Tyler 'Total Eclipse of the Heart'

Why isn't it good? Well the aforementioned bad singing. And it's too loud. And what makes a literal music video funny isn't just listing what's going on and then having someone talk funny while she's running through the halls. The whole 'I gotta pee' thing and fart sounds really makes this literal music video turn into lame-attempt-to-rip-off a good literal music video. A funny part: 'What the effing crap? That angel guy just felt me up"...check out the good ones below:

A-Ha 'Take On Me'

This is a great song to begin with, a cutting-edge (for the time, using rotoscoping) video, that was original and fun and the song still stands the test of time (as does Total Eclipse of the Heart). What makes this one SO much better? Well, the singer sounds like Morten Harket, for one. The part where they are talking as they are running through the halls is funny. And the words he used when he changed the lyrics flow.

Tears For Fears 'Head Over Heels'

One of my favorite songs. And again, he made himself sound like Roland Orzabal. Production quality-top notch.'s funny!

Billy Idol 'White Wedding'


And the last:

2:55 is the start of my favorite part...actually the whole thing is great. And, I love The Red Hot Chili Peppers, but for all I know these are the original lyrics because I don't have a clue what he's really singing in the real version of this song. you see the difference? Maybe I'm just a literal music video snob? If so, that's fine by me.

Moon clip

And now for something good! A clip, what appears to be opening credits, to Moon!

Written and directed by Duncan Jones, Moon is a story about a man, played by Sam Rockwell, who is nearing the end of his three year mission working for Lunar Industries mining rock on the far side of the moon. Strange things start to happen when he appears to find another man, himself, in an accident on the moon. This movie looks awesome and Duncan is a nice, go watch this when it opens, hopefully near me, June 12th!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Twilight: New Moon teaser

Oh good...Emmerich-style CGI dog. Fantastic. If there is one thing I love above all else, it's the crappy-animal CGI. Well, over that I like crappy-human CGI. Color me not teased.

How is it possible that this movie looks even dumber than the last one?
Coming soon to blandly color your fall viewing...this.

Transformers 2 clip

I couldn't drag myself to watch a show that made Twilight seem like the best movie ever, so I did not watch the MTV Movie Awards (which, as a small digression, makes no sense, since they are the MUSIC network...not the MOVIE network. Let's be honest though, they left "music" behind back in the early 90's, now they are the SHIT network).

They showed a clip for the new Transformers movie and I really hope they are still working on the CGI, because we are creeping into Emmerich territory on the awfulness scale, if this is the finished product.

And like I Watch Stuff reported, how damn hard is it for two giant machines the size of buildings and some robot animals to find two little people? You're giant, just smash them!

Here's the clip:

Movie You Should See: Le Grande Illusion

Le Grande Illusion has apparently been called "The Greatest Movie of all Time", while I can see where that comes from, I don't completely agree. It is a great movie and the director, Jean Renoir (who has an awesome name) made quite an interesting movie using depth of field, an interesting storyline and location shots.

During World War I two pilots are shot down over German enemy territory and are taken to meet a German officer, von Rauffenstein, who welcomes them to lunch where they talk and are quite friendly. They are then taken to a POW camp where they live less like what you'd assume a POW camp to be like and more like they are just at a camp they can't leave. While they plot an escape via a tunnel they also put together a musical show. During the show they learn that Douamont has been taken back by the French, which earns one man, Marechal, a trip to solitary confinement.

After several more escape attempts they are moved to a POW camp that is notoriously impossible to escape from and meet back up with von Rauffenstein. By this time von Rauffenstein has seen a lot of battle and is quite a mess. He remembers the two men from before and becomes close with de Boeldieu, a fellow aristocrat that comes from a well-known family, and they strike up a friendship of sorts.

Unlike most "war movies", this movie is more about the characters and what it means to be human during war and about how class lines disappear during a war. It also features dialogue in three languages: English, at times, French and German. It's quite an interesting way to present other people and cultures.

I highly recommend this movie and this is why: If it was in color and released today, you would never know that it was made in 1937. It's made that well and it is highly enjoyable.