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True Blood "Frenzy" **SPOILERS**

Again, it's no surprise that I absolutely adore Alexander Skarsgård, but he just keeps stealing every episode! Maybe it's the fact that Stephen Moyer's Bill keeps saying "SOOOKEH!" too much. Or that they put too much white makeup on him and he looks all washed out. Whatever it is, Skarsgård takes the cake this week again. We also got a healthy dose of Lafayette and more clever lines than you can shake a heart soufflé at.

Sadly, I can't add fun little photos to each of the sections because my computer is off getting fixed and the one I have isn't mine. So I can't add programs to it. :(

  • We meet the queen! She's suckling the thigh of...Sookie's cousin Hadley. Bill looks astonished, which doesn't make sense since I'm sure he's seen worse during his time farting around with Southern Belle Vampire Lorena.
  • Hoyt yells at Jessica and says he should've listened to Vampire Bill about staying away from her. I like that they've given Maxine Fortenberry (Dale Raoul) a little more to her character this season besides over-bearing mother. More on that later...
  • I have to say that Evan Rachel Wood is absolutely gorgeous as the Queen of Louisiana. She offers Bill some blood from a Latvian boy, "That is simply to die for." He says no. I love how she's clearly reading a magazine from the 20's.
  • Bill asks her for help with the Maenad. Yes, Queen, there are orgies. Too damn many orgies...
  • She tells Bill they can't kill Maryann, she's convinced herself she's immortal and so she is., more orgies in our future?
  • She insists that Bill stay the night and leave tomorrow. I let them use my house to film these last few episodes. I was just so sick of living in luxury and decided to go sit under this overpass.
  • Oh Christ, Tara, just forget about Eggs. If we just find out he spontaneously died I wouldn't mind. No explanation, no reason, he just died. But no, now we have to listen to her whine and bitch about how she has to save him. Ugh!
  • "Sookie, my back pocket, get the handcuffs" "These are fur!" Classic. Of course they're fur Sookie! It's Lafayette! Now Tara's cuffed to the table and goes off on a verbal tirade against them all. That'll help your cause, dumbass!
  • Back at Merlotte's it's two idiots and a Sam! Jason says that if the police aren't going to help they have to do it. He read a book, it's Armageddan and this is the oral history of the zombie war...okay, Jason.
  • "Sometimes you need to destroy something to save it. That's in the bible...or the Constitution." Jason you are so stupid!
  • Sam finds Arlene's kids in the woods. They ask if something is wrong with their mother and ask if he knows someone, a vampire, who might know how to fix their mom.
  • Tara talks her mom into getting the gun from Lafayette and setting her free to go after Eggs. She says she'll forgive her. This woman is dumb as fuck! She's conning you, moron!
  • Sookie says inside Tara's head it was like anything could happen and there is emptiness.
  • Sookie and Lafayette talk about Eric and what it's like having his blood in them. She asks about sex dreams and Lafayette says he has them too. "Someone need to slap that bitch!", "I have!" Wonderful! And, "And that freaks me the fuck out, 'cause I hate's that mother-fucker more than you could ever know!" Then Tara's dumb-ass mother comes stumbling out.
  • One of the stand-out Skarsgård moments is on it's way. Lafayette is terrified of Lettie Mae and the gun and imagines Lettie Mae's clothes. Since Alex is significantly larger than Lettie Mae, I'm going to guess they aren't her exact clothes. The scene is priceless! Hopefully someone posted it on YouTube so I can include them below.
  • Jason and Andy head over to the police station for some weapons. It's over run with dumb hillbillies with their black eyes. One starts hitting on Jason and he says okay, he'll create a distraction.
  • Sookie throws a figurine at Lettie Mae's head and Lafayette grabs the gun! Whoop! Off they go to Sookies...I mean Maryann's.
  • Sam and the kids are at Fantasia waiting to be let in. He talks to the kids about their father. Is this coming back to the storyline at some point or is this just filler? That one waitress who's head is empty from being glamored so many times says she can't let them in. Sam bribes her.
  • Sookie tells Lafayette he has to suck it up, she needs him at Maryann's. He has to shoot her in the head if she comes near.
  • Tara is so frakkin' stupid! Here she is back at Maryann/Sookie's and Eggs hasn't spontaneously died yet, damn it! Maryann tries to shake her into black-eye land but resorts to punching her. Oh, Tara summoned her last season. Great she's a major dumb-ass on SO many levels. So she's to thank for the orgies then?
  • All the stupid morons come rushing in to tell Maryann the God Who Comes came and smote Sam Merlotte. She yells at them and causes some kind of shrieking and they all leave. If you are going to create a bunch of black-eyed morons, next time thing of giving them some brains.
  • Look, that cop is dumber than Jason! "What's that game with the one bullet in the gun and you don't know if it'll go off? Is that Chinese Firedrill?" "Russian Roulette" "Yeah, that's it!"
  • Maxine is making a lovely chip, cheese and Snickers Bar casserole. Yum? They get into a fight and she tells Hoyt that his father wasn't killed by a murderer, he shot himself and she lied about it for the insurance money. She apparently always wanted to be a drunken whore, but had to take care of him. She's not very nice at all.
  • Sookie and Lafayette are talking about her house when Arlene and Terry plop down from the trees above. Lafayette leads them away with prescription drugs while Sookie heads inside to, no doubt, get in trouble! "The fine is a 100 million dollars, and your pants"
  • Sam is at Fangtasia. I love Pam's outfit! Sam says he'll owe Eric a favor in the future, he asks for Sookie Stackhouse. Pam rolls her eyes.
  • Eric shows the kids his teeth and Pam makes a comment about not being glad she never had kids. And then the Swedish comes out! Pam says she'll be smelling the kids for a week.
  • Eric flies off to the Queen.
  • Sookie encounters, I believe, Jane Bodehouse on the porch. Oh good, she cut off her finger! Then she has to cuddle with the coroner, who is laying on the floor. And there's a dude in the sink! Fantastic!
  • Back to the Queen! She's got a lovely line-up of mens and womens half-naked.
  • She calls over the Latvian boy for Bill.
  • Oh, looks like Lafayette's run into Maryann AND Carl. She starts talking about some poisonous weed and when he shoots at her the bullet bounces off her hand and into Carl's head. She then cryptically asks Lafayette if he cook. Ut-Oh!
  • The Queen, Hayley and Bill are playing Yhatzee. She tells him that Maenads haven't changed through the eons and she has to believe that she's summoned this god of her's, who will never come. If she finds the perfect vessel, consumes part of it, then she will offer herself to the god and that is when she can be killed. They prefer something with a beating heart, and is two-natured...I'm seeing a set-up for Sookie being this perfect vessel.
  • Hadley talks to Bill. Eric Arrives! He seriously couldn't be better looking than in this scene. This is a wonderful little exchange between Eric and Bill. Bill calls Eric desperate and Eric counters no more desperate than when Bill fed Sookie his blood the night they met. Hmmm...Bill seems a little surprised that Eric knows this. Bill tells Eric to stay away from "Soookeh" or he'll tell the Queen Eric is forcing humans to sell vampire blood for him. Oh! It's on!
  • Andy and Jason arrive at Sookie/Maryann's. Jason asks Andy why he never liked him. Jason says he's never had anything easy, he's always worked hard at it. Jason steps up and says they have to save the town, so they have to get along.
  • Sookie comes across Tara and Eggs (ugg) smashing shit all over the room and there would appear to egg...on the a nest? What? And then Lafayette appears. Damn it! He's got the black eyes! Can't this man catch a damn break?
  • And we don't get the last episode (*sob*) of the season for two damn weeks! Stupid Labor Day!
Here's the YouTube scenes:

Saturday, August 29, 2009

2009 Television Season - Monday Night!

What to watch? What to avoid? What's returning? These are all important questions that I intend to answer for you. I'm only covering scripted television shows because I hate "reality" TV programs. If you'd like to find when your next bad American remake of a Japanese game show or girl-who-dates-a-bunch-of-men-on-TV show, airs you can hit up Google.

There are a number of returning shows to Monday night. CBS has their line-up of comedy shows (How I Met Your Mother, Accidentally on Purpose, Two and a Half Men and Big Band Theory) followed by CSI:Miami. I'm not really a fan of CSI, but here's the promo for the new season:

-Yep, "Miami" is still orange and Caruso still wears his glasses whilst puffing out air with his hands on his hips.

ABC has Castle's sophomore season. As a lover of all things Nathan Fillion, I watch this show. As a plus, it's pretty cute. I need to catch up on all the episodes I missed from last season. Nathan Fillion plays a writer who is researching Stana Katic's Beckett for his new series of books.
Promo for season 2:

One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl are still clamoring along. They are not my favorites at all, I actually find Gossip Girl to be filled with boring plot lines and terrible actors. One Tree Hill is entertaining to watch if I happen to catch it on reruns, but I never watch it weekly.

One Tree Hill

-That's a really crappy promo.

Gossip Girl

-Penn Badgley is the only thing worth looking at on this show, but the show's so dumb I can't bring myself to watch it!

There's nothing new on FOX this season as House returns followed by Lie To Me
. I don't follow House but it would appear he's in a mental institution? And I did hear that most of the original cast would be returning, which is part of the reason I stopped watching. I do enjoy Hugh Laurie being such a nasty ass and the season looks intriguing, so maybe I'll start watching again.
I've never watched Lie To Me, though I've heard it's good and I like Tim Roth.

NBC has the most interesting schedule this fall with the return of Heroes (which fell by my wayside last season went it began to get incredibly stupid and boring, hopefully this season will get better) and a new show, Trauma, starring the lovely Billy Lush. They went a little overboard with the promo music they show in theatres, but the show does look interesting.

-I'm just so sick of the "I'm a cheerleader and Claire Bennett and I just want to be normal but let me throw myself out a window as my friend looks on" as well as whatever the character Ali Larter plays; she always is annoying and hasn't been interesting since the first season.

-This trailer gets a little overboard music-wise at the end, but the show does look very good. And again, Billy Lush.

According to the schedule, Chuck will replace Heroes and Trauma in the spring.

[Source TV Guide]


If you see a trailer that gives you absolutely NO reaction what-so-ever, does that mean someone didn't do their job? I think so. I feel that way about 'Whiteout'. I don't want to see it, I don't want to make fun of it...I feel NOTHING about it!

This movie has been farting around for around 2 years and after seeing the original trailer, I can see why. The original trailer gives me an emotion and that emotion is "This looks awful!" The new trailer makes me wonder whether it's a monster movie, a thriller, or just awful. I'm going with awful.

Here's the old trailer:

Here's the new trailer:

Thursday, August 27, 2009

"Loser" Literal Music Video

Our favorite literal music man has a new one! It's to Beck's 'Loser'. It's pretty funny and here it is! Since he's the original maker of the literal music video, and the funniest, I praise his creativity and humor!

Travis- Another Band You Should Know and Love...

Since I covered 'Kent' the other day, I figured I'd pay homage to an equally awesome and overlooked band (though not as overlooked as 'Kent'), and that would be the phenomenal Scottish band 'Travis'.

Chris Martin (of 'Coldplay', not one of my favorites), calls himself a poor man's Fran Healy, the lead singer and songwriter of 'Travis'. Not only is that the truth, but Fran Healy is highly praised as a songwriter and musician (as is his band) and the band deserves way more recognition than they get. It would be nice if just for once I say, "I love Travis" and get more than a blank stare and, "Who?" But I digress. Here are a bunch of great 'Travis' songs starting with the hidden track off of 'The Man Who' entitled "Blue Flashing Lights".

This song, clearly, is about an abusive father and husband. Something that Fran Healy openly states was behavior his father doled out to his mother and to him and to which keeps him from having a relationship with his father to this day. I've never experienced this type of behavior in my own home, but it's still very powerful.

*This video isn't an "Official" video, it's a student project, but it is very good.

Another song dealing with domestic violence...but tell me what other songwriter and band could make a depressing song so likable while still remaining relevant? Besides 'Travis', I would have to say 'Kent'.

I love this video. The other band mates bet Fran that he can't do push-ups until midnight and he takes the bet. He stays all day and just before midnight a man comes around the corner and starts to get chased by some other men. Fran is too weak to help him and it ends with him trying desperately to stand up and come to the man's rescue.

This is probably the cutest 'Travis' video and of course it's 'disabled by request'ed all over the place. So here is the link: Independiente Records
And here is a YouTube "video" of the song:

This is just a feel good song and video...absolutely fun! Of course it's 'disabled by request'. Here is the YouTube link
This video isn't that great, but at least you can listen to the song.

This is a weird one, but the song is awesome!

Okay...I'm stopping there. I could spend ALL day finding and listening to all the awesome videos and songs 'Travis' has produced. And I just don't have that kind of time right now! Please take it upon yourselves to head over to YouTube and soak in their glory.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

'Inception' trailer

WTF? That might be all I can say to this. Oh, and I love Christopher Nolan and this looks like a 'Memento'-type movie, so I'm there!

'The Goonies' Making-of Featurette

If you are in your late 20's to mid-30's and you don't know and love 'The Goonies', I have to ask you what the hell is wrong with you?

Anyway, this is a little featurette about the movie via: iwatchstuff.

Also, if you grew up with've probably played this game. If not, here's what you missed. Now run to EBAY, buy an NES and Goonies 2 game and get to playing. Get that Mamma Fratelli while the doors go "arank-a-toosh"!

Monday, August 24, 2009

'The Lovely Bones' Featurette

I posted the trailer a couple of weeks ago, and now io9 has a little featurette. So I share it with you.

This movie does look like it's going to be both visually and emotionally stunning.

Super Mario Bros. for Wii

Apparently today is the day for video game related posts. This time it's about the new Super Mario Bros. game for the Wii.

It looks good, I like the old-school vibe. It appears to have those aggravating self-scrolling levels and plenty of levels that will cause me to completely lose it and end up yelling at no one in particular...just like the old days (or last week)! Remember when you would play 'Jaws' for NES for hours just to get that little pinger-thing and then one of those stupid baby Jaws would swim on, or a little jellyfish would swim up and you'd die, causing you to yell at the top of your lungs before starting all over again! That wasn't just me, was it?

But I digress. One thing I could do without is the stupid, "Ya! Ya-hoo!"'s Nintendo seems to think we want Mario and friends to make ever since, what, Super Mario 64? I hate that. Just let him jump in silence, damn it!

"8-Bit Trip" 1500 Hours of Moving Lego's

Wow! 1500 hours of moving Lego bricks around to make a tribute to 8-bit video games? That's about as long as I've been playing Fallout 3 (I'm only sort of kidding).

Look at those little red, white and blue bastards go! How many years did I spend in front of our old PC playing Leisure Suit Larry and King's Quest? How many mornings and evenings did I waste blowing in, smacking on and swearing at that NES game system/cartridge just to play for 15 minutes before getting the red flashing screen (video at 1:35)? Too many! But man, did I enjoy those years and I miss them! The simple years of games that I still have no idea how to play (Ghostbusters. A Boy and His Blob). Man...I really want to play some old-school games now!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

'Bored to Death'

A show to watch after True Blood ends in early September? And Jason Schwartzman is cute as a button and hilarious to boot, so that helps as well. Throw in a little Galifianakis and what can I

Jason Schwartzman plays a writer who can't write so he decides to become a P.I.

Simple, awesome, funny? I hope so, because when I don't have any more True Blood to watch and have nothing new to watch...Hulk gets mad!

Saturday, August 22, 2009


I know this is a movie/TV/game blog, but I recently ran across this incredibly awesome band from Sweden that is pretty much unknown in the U.S., and this is a sad thing because they are awesome.

A band that has been around for quite awhile, and despite two attempts to make their name known in the U.S., they are completely unique to anything I've heard before yet can be grouped together with some well-known American, Scottish and English groups like Depeche Mode, Travis, and The Killers.

I came across them the other day while writing up the feature on 'The Invisible' and 'Den Osynlige'. Someone made a little music video using their song 'Längtan Skala 3:1' and clips from the movie (which show how similar the American version is to the original). I immediately went to YouTube and listened to a ton of their songs and ran around the Internets trying to find where to buy the songs. Most are out of print or not available on Amazon except through Marketplace sellers (which is where I bought 'Vapen & Ammunition', 'Isola' (English and Swedish version) and their most recent album 'Tillbaka Till Samtiden'. I'm sure you can find them through other means, but I don't do that.

Here are some of their videos for you to enjoy and to fall in love with them like I have:

This isn't a video...but I love the song!

What makes 'Kent' so unique and amazing is, like Travis and Depeche Mode, nothing sounds the same. Every song is great.

*puss och kram!*

Thursday, August 20, 2009

'Den Osynlige' vs. 'The Invisible'

You know the recent obsession with American movie studios remaking old movies and foreign movies? Well, it didn't just begin. It's been going on for years (now it's just EVERY movie that is a remake) and here is some evidence:

The 2002 Swedish movie 'Den Osynlige' is a movie about a young man, Niklas (Gustaf Skarsgård) who dreams of doing something other than what his mother wants. He buys a ticket to a school in England that he has gained money to attend by selling papers at school. At school one of his friends is being beaten up by a girl who acts tough but is really neglected and he says that Niklas had been snitching on her; he believed Niklas already left for England. Annelie and her friends follow him and beat him up, leaving him in the forest to die. The next morning he wakes up and heads to school, but no one is paying any attention to him and things he touches remain where they were. After seeing a bird fly into a window, he realizes that he is dying in the woods and has to get someone to come save him. Annelie realizes that her boyfriend was the one who snitched on her. His friend, during these events, commits suicide and leaves a note for his parents and police. The note leads them to Niklas' body in the woods, where he is just about on the brink of death.

The Invisible is a 2007 American remake starring Justin Chatwin as Nick and follows pretty much the same synopsis (I haven't seen 'Den Osynlige' because I can't find it). I don't know for sure, but the American version seems to try to explain Annie's background to give reasons for why she is the way she is. The American movie also has Annie deciding to do the right thing and go find Nick's body and to help him, but when she gets there she finds the body has been moved. Nicks' friend overdoses on painkillers due to guilt and while he's dying tells Nick where they moved the body. Nick rushes off to find the body while Annie confronts her boyfriend at gunpoint as to where they moved the body and it devolves into a shootout that ends with Annie getting the information she wants and a stomach wound. The police find Nick's body but he won't wake up and Annie takes off to the hospital.

This is where the two movies part ways. The American version, of course, has a happy ending while the Swedish version is not the typical happy ending Americans seem to require in everything we watch. In 'Den Osynlige', Annie turns herself over to the police and turns off Niklas' life-support where they are both set free. In 'The Invisible', she races to the hospital, uses Nick to talk to his mother and gain entrance to his room, goes in and confesses and apologizes to everything. Nick wakes up with Annie lying next to him and forgives her after which she dies. There is also a sappy end scene with Nick approaching Annie's brother flying a plane in the park and Nick offers to write a message on the plane for Annie. Then they fly the plane together.

'The Invisible' was filmed in Vancouver and that is one of it's most lovely aspects, the only thing really. The scenery and cinematography are amazing. Also the American version has Alex O'Loughlin and Callum Keith Rennie. 'Den Osynlige' was, of course, filmed in Sweden and stars a Skarsgård (lillebror to Alex).

Watch the two trailers and see how incredibly similar they are, they even have Annie/Annelie wearing the same clothes! The American version elaborates a bit much on what the story is and resorts to having not only the on-screen words tell the story, but also some old man whose scenes were cut. Then ask why it was necessary to "remake" the original when they could have just bought the American rights to show it over here?

I will post the video for 'Den Osynlige' later...It's not working. Until then, go to the YouTube site to watch it.

EDIT: Since the trailer won't work, here is a music video for 'Den Osynlige' to the song 'Längtan Skala 3:1' by Kent. I like the song, no surprise iTunes doesn't have it.

'Avatar' Trailer...

would be seen here, IF everyone would stop pulling it. My god, it's a trailer not the holy grail. You can see it here, though it's grainy. Or here, though it's jerky as shit.

I'm not totally impressed, but I usually like James Cameron's stuff. And Sam Worthington is in it and I love him, so I'm sure I'll see it if I can bring myself to sit through a 3 hour movie completely in 3D. Again, The Worthington will probably convince me it's worth the time.

'The Wolfman' Trailer

Hmmm...It's a good cast. It looks dark and olden-timey. Yet, the release date is February? I know they're trying to turn those lonely winter months usually assumed the months they shove crap movies, into months that good movies come out, but most people don't see it that way.

It will be even better if they keep those SFX good and not cheesy. And why does it always look so bad when they show people turning into werewolves? Maybe they should't show it?

'My Son My Son What Have Ye Done" Trailer

The combination of Werner Herzog and David Lynch ought to be crazy enough to draw in fans of either man. In my case, as a lover of David Lynch, I am in.

There was a murder on a quiet street and the police let the suspect (Michael Shannon) just walk by. There isn't a mystery of who did it, or how...but why he did it. Apparently after he came back from Peru he's been spouting about God and shit. It's based on a true story and since it involves Werner Herzog and David Lynch, it's sure to be crazy as shit and will probably not have the happiest ending.

I don't care, I want to see it.

'When In Rome' Trailer

At first glance this appears to be a really cute little chick flick,but then it devolves into what I described below and you can tell it is in fact a typical formula along the lines of 'Simply Irresistible' but without Sean Patrick Flannery..

There's the cute girl (Kristen Bell) who is just work-crazy and single-in-the-city. She meets her ex at a party and mistakes that he wants to get back together just to learn he's really marrying someone else. Then there is the cute guy (Josh Duhamel) who writes articles about, I assume, women and how to sleep with them. They meet at her sister's wedding where she fails to smash a vase and, therefore breaks a tradition. Everyone hates her. She dances around in a fountain and takes some coins thereby drawing, magically, several men into her spell. They follow her around like little puppies and hilarity ensues! But...does cute boy really like her, or is it just the spell of stealing the coins?

Who really cares after watching the trailer where it's all spelled out for you? And with music from such artists as: Jason Mraz, The Academy Is and whoever the hell is 3OH!3 (Yeah...that is apparently a group of some kind) how can you resist? They actually show the fact there is music in the movie from these specific artists.

And one last tidbit: When you say at the end of a movie, "Directed By Mark Steven Johnson", when no one knows who the hell a Mark Steven Johnson is, it leads me to look on imdb to see who his father was and/or what crap he's directed. Let's see...Okay, he directed such crap as Daredevil and Ghost Rider. That explains it!

One plus is that Lee Pace is in it for a few minutes.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

'Law Abiding Citizen' Trailer

Gerry plays a man broken from the loss of his wife and child. He also appears to be a psychopath to the nth degree that plots murders of some high-profile people from his jail cell. Was he just an innocent man who went crazy after his family died? Or was he something more at some point? Hmmm...

The best thing? His Scottish accent is almost completely gone! I love Gerry, but usually there is a lot of accent rolling around (which is fine with me, but I always want him to step that up). Also, why does he look so pale? Was he ill the entire time they were filming?

'Legion' Red Band Trailer

A.) 5:12 isn't a trailer, it's at least a featurette and more like the entire movie in 5:12.

B.) Parts look scary, parts look stupid and most of it looks like it takes place in a diner in the middle of BFE. How that can keep the attention of people for 2 hours (or more like 3, I'm guessing) I have no idea.

C.) It was kind of awesome when the old lady in the diner started telling the girl that the baby was going to burn and then started swearing at everyone. It became lame when she started crawling around on the ceiling like a bug via Roland Emmerich-style CGI.

D.) Remember 'Dogma' and the bitching that was done about that movie by the religious folk? Well, no matter what this movie is actually about, there will no doubt be bitching of the same type.

E.) Kevin Durand.

'Dorian Gray' Trailer

So yeah, the 'Picture of Dorian Gray' is one of my favorite books but I don't know if I agree with the casting in this version. Prince Caspian isn't a bad looking man, but is he the calibre of Dorian Gray? A man who is supposed to be so vain and good-looking that he makes a deal with the Devil to be forever young. I don't think so.

And I like Colin Firth, but I don't really get him as, I assume, Lord Henry. Maybe it's just me?

I'll watch the movie (not in place of 9, they both come out on 9/9/09), but I just don't feel it from the trailer.

Dirty Dancing 'remake'...yes, you read that!

Seriously...stop it now! Just stop it!

Now Lionsgate thinks it's time to remake another 80's classic: Dirty Dancing. That's right!

I don't understand why this is happening. There has to be a huge stack of original ideas hanging out somewhere. I know that they think if they gather up all the old movies that made money or that people remember and remake them, people will pay. Sadly, people WILL pay to go see them. Those people are called 15-20 year old girls. They should be stopped.

I'm sure the remake will be "updated" and no longer take place at a summer camp. It will also include 90% Twilight and Disney cast members.

This is a bad idea.!

True Blood "New World In My Eyes" Promo

Ut-oh...things do NOT look good back in ol' Bon Temps!

Sookie and Jason return (I assume with Bill and Eric?)and it looks like Hurricane Katrina hit all over again. Instead, it's just Maryann letting everyone go ape-shit throughout the town in her crusade to find Sam. This storyline is a bit different than the books, so I don't know where they are going with it.

Sookie and Jason look confused...and I concur!

What's that you got there, Carl? A kitty-kat? That's kind of nasty!

Is this "Something living to sacrifice" that the people are bringing, Sam? It looks like his shit-kickers!

Bill doesn't know how to defeat her...yeah, she looks like she's having a really good time. I honestly don't know how they are going to get rid of her, but I feel an orgy coming on!

What is the war you've been training for, Jason? Against Maryann or the crazy-Newlins?

Did Sookie open her damn mouth...again!? Maryann is giving her the old neck-grab-throw-up-against-the-wall.

That answers my previous shit-kicker query!

Who is that? Is that Maryann, or Maxine Fortenberry?

Who the hell is Lafayette so scared of? Bill?

And who is that sexy man biting...shirtless? Is it the same person as above? And was he crying?

Jason's gearing up for that war...with someone. He's got a chainsaw!

He's gonna kill us all? Jason? Whoever the hell Maryann works for? Who?

Here's the full promo:

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

'The Fourth Kind' Trailer

I will not watch this again. I saw it over the weekend and nearly had a panic attack. Why? Because I am terrified of aliens. I'm not talking HR Giger/Ridley Scott 'Alien' aliens, though those would no doubt cause me to die instantly if encountered, I'm talking X-Files aliens. Terrified.

Here are two heartwarming stories why. My mom let me watch 'Communion' when it was on TV (I can't even look at the book cover), and my mom took me to see 'Fire In the Sky' when I was 12 or 13, whenever it came out. She says it was because I "wanted to see it". I don't care if I begged, the answer should have been "HELL NO!" Instead her answer was "Sure, what harm can it do?" Well, lifelong harm...that's what. I tried to watch the clip from 'Communion' that is stuck in my head for eternity a year ago on YouTube and couldn't do it.

I'm not even kidding about this. I can take any number of monsters, freaks, torture porn...anything else, but if an alien is going to be on screen my eyes are closed, I change the channel and/or I have a near-panic attack. So, for those of you who do not get scared to death by aliens, here is the trailer:

'Gwyneth Paltrow Makes Chicken'

This is pretty awesome. And pretty accurate with the condescending tone and name-dropping. Abby Elliot is pretty hilarious in this little skit and I love her facial expressions when she's washing her hands.


Monday, August 17, 2009

True Blood "I Will Rise Up" *SPOILERS*

And for the third week in a row True Blood topped itself. There were no orgies but there was nudity, so that was nice. True Blood is my little happy treat that I get to eat once a week during the summer. Then for the rest of the week, I starve myself so I can gobble up that delicious dessert with wreckless abandon. I just love it!

This week opens right where last week ended, at Godric's mansion and the arrival of Luke (The Lukinator) with his handy bomb-vest. Bill is still outside telling Lorena to buzz off, she still isn't real happy. See?

Inside Bill finds Sookie covered with Eric; he saved her. While Bill heads out to stop the rest of the FOtS people, Eric tells Sookie that he can't heal himself on account of the silver. She has to suck the silver out of his chest. I don't find anything wrong with this, but Sookie hates Eric...she does it anyway. He has her now. Bill walks in and catches Sookie sucking the silver out of Eric and he knows the game Eric is playing. Sookie lays out one of the best lines of the episode, "You big lying A-hole!" Now he will always know what she's thinking and feeling, this is NOT good for Bill. Bill later informs Sookie that as a consequence of the blood, she may feel sexual feelings for him at some point; Eric was determined to form this bond with her.

Hoyt and Jessica are still talking about the fact that she will forever be a virgin. Hoyt says he won't leave her and that she should meet his mother. Ol' Maxine Fortenberry sure is a surly one, this can't go well for the two of them.

Tara and Eggs (he can die whenever he wants to, please) are all beat-to-shit, which is the result of the nasty Hunter's Souffle Maryann served them. They don't have a clue what is going on and Maryann starts yapping about mystic's acting ecstatic for their Gods.

This woman is one wacky-ass freak and I feel an orgy coming up in the next week or two. But she does have a bottle of vodka at the ready, so maybe she isn't all bad?

Sam is still stuck in the jail with all the other orgy nutters. Of course he's in his own cell, so there's that.

Sookie can't sleep and she goes to talk to Jason in his room. Jason apologizes for going along with the FOtS and Sookie brings up their Grandmother and says they have to do good for their family name. They both apologize to each other for everything they've ever done to each other and Sookie tells him he isn't stupid he just needs to use his brain instead of letting it take up space, he's just lazy. Then she turns on the TV and Steve and Sarah Newlin are on talking with Nan Flanagan about the bombing. Sarah provides the next best line of the evening, "I hate your hair." I really enjoy Michael McMillian as Steve.

Poor Arlene is all alone at Merlotte's and she and Terry talk. Turns out neither of them remember what happened during their blackouts. In walks Tara and Eggs and Lafayette immediately recognizes that someone has been beating down on Tara. He assumes, correctly, that it was Eggs and confronts him. He's been noticing for the past couple weeks that something ain't quite right with Eggs. They get into it and Tara and Eggs leave, while Lafayette calls everyone else 'necks...I love you Lafayette! I am SO glad they didn't kill him off like in the books.

Finally Hoyt gets a pair and stands up to his mother. He says she hates everyone and he doesn't understand why she has so much hate in her. He tells her that if she doesn't come meet Jessica he'll leave and she'll never see him again!
Honestly I was ready for Hoyt to be the killer last season, he was just such a momma's boy and I am glad he's finally coming into his own.

And then there was the scene seen around the world! Sookie dreams of Eric, or Eric makes her dream of him. I'm not quite sure. Either way it was quite a scene that lets Sookie see that Eric has emotion, at least in her dreams. She also sees Lorena in the dream and I don't know if she was really there or just something Eric was putting there to allow get her away from Bill. Either way, as he states to her, "This is the beginning." I have to say that it must have been a real difficult day of filming. Seeing Alexander Skarsgård do anything makes my day, but throwing him in naked and I'm even happier. He is a fine looking man clothed or nude.

Maryann shows up at the jail looking for Sam. But Sam has turned himself into a fly and Maryann is NOT happy, but she does release everyone.

Jessica, Hoyt and Maxine are at Merlotte's and soon enough Jessica starts annoying Maxine. She's told that Maxine won't be letting her ruin her son's future and she insults Jessica with a comment about not being able to offer her son children. Hoyt gets up and storms out with Jessica and says he won't be coming home ever. Maxine grabs the beer bottle and starts a'swiggin'.

Ut-oh, Lafayette and LettieMae show up at Sookies where Tara, Eggs and Maryann are playing cards and drinking. They want to take her away but Eggs gets all up in their faces and the black eyes come out to play. A fight breaks out and ends with Lafayette kicking Eggs' ass (thank you, Lafayette) and they steal Tara. Maryann tells Eggs to let them go because she'll come back and bring them with her.

Back at the hotel, Nan is scolding Godric about the PR mess he's created and all she has to clean up. And a little aside, what is going on behind her...
Acid-wash pants? And they're spandex? They do NOT look good. Every time they showed Nan my gaze floated over to those damn pants! And Sookie keeps looking over at Eric and Bill catches her. Godric also confesses that he went willingly to the FOtS because they would have taken one of them eventually. Really it's because he has a death wish. Nan fires him and Sookie tries to stick up for him before he apologizes for everything that he has caused. Nan tells him to just chill out, it's just a couple of signatures.

Back at Merlotte's Maxine and her friends are drinking and talking when in walks Maryann, bringing in the wind. She demands to know where Sam is and everyone's eyes turn black and they say he hasn't been there all day. She says she wants him, the God demands his sacrifice. He's over at Andy Bellefleurs hotel room, naked.

Eric confronts Godric before he goes up to the roof and on his way out Bill stops him and says they have a score to settle. Eric tells Bill now isn't the time and Bill punches him straight in the face and asks if he's made his point? Eric tells him to get out of the way.

Sookie tells Bill that she is going up to the roof to talk to Godric, she feels she owes him. Bill doesn't understand why she feels she needs to help. And then comes the most heartbreaking and beautiful scene I've seen on this show to this day. And Skarsgård broke out the beloved Swedish.

Eric pleads with Godric NOT to meet the sun and shows how incredibly wonderful an actor Alexander is. This entire episode showcased him brilliantly and allowed him to show all the miniscule facets he brings to the character of Eric. It's no secret that I adore him, but he is amazing in this role (if it's a secret I adore him, you haven't been paying attention).

Anyway, Sookie says she will stay with Godric as long as it takes for him to meet the sun. He tells her it won't take long at his age. He asks her about God and if he will be forgiven for his sins, though he doesn't think he deserves it. She says God doesn't punish and he will be forgiven. And then he meets the sun

Thursday, August 13, 2009

'Gentleman Broncos' trailer-anous

Finally there is a trailer for this ridiculous movie! It's Jarred Hess' new movie about a young man who takes a creative writing class and gets his story stolen by the sci-fi writer Ronald Chevalier (Jemaine Clement). Simple story, crazy movie! It's nice that the trailer explains the shit on the poster.

[via: comingsoon]
Jemaine Clement is an absolute golden treat in everything he is in and this character is so freakin' funny! You can check out his "official" website: Ronald Chevalier and see his informational videos below:

Sam Rockwell plays Bronco and the tranny-ized Broncanuss.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

'Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus' trailer

1000 years ago, Doctor Parnassus made a deal with the be freakin' awesome, or so it would seem! This is the movie where Heath Ledger died during filming and I was wondering how they were going to work it all out. Looks like they added a:

And a...

And then a...
To cover the slack? I don't know if, since they are all wearing the same outfit as Ledger, they rewrote it so that the character changes the way he looks, a-la Doctor Who even though he's the same person/thing? EDIT: I just looked on IMDB...they are different "Transformations" of the same it makes sense.

No matter what, it looks like one hell of a crazy movie. I really hope Terry Gilliam finds some success with this one. By success I mean commercial and critical success. I personally love his movies and think they are magical and crazy and imaginative, but I don't think a lot of people feel the same way and I hope this one changes that line of thought with a wider audience.

Here are four extra pictures to show you the beautiful production design/crazy world of Doctor Parnassus:

True Blood Comic Con 'The Buzz'

via [HBO YouTube]

The Lovely Bones trailer

Dubbed 'To Catch a Stanley Tucci' over at I Watch Stuff, which made me laugh until I saw the trailer and realized that I don't think I want to see Stanley Tucci play not only a murderer but a child murderer (who favors young girls?). I will watch it anyway because it looks absolutely beautiful and the production design looks phenomenal!

The movie follows the "life/death" of a young girl (Saorise Ronan)who is murdered (by Tucci) and whose body, I think, is not found (at least not right away). She is caught in the Inbetween and observes the lives of both her family members and her murderer, who still haunts her. Her father (Mark Wahlberg) is obsessed with solving her death and her sister looks to get into some trouble when she breaks into the murderers house to look for evidence. The movie is directed by Peter Jackson and looks visually breath-taking! Now I need to get the book and add it to my ever-growing stack of books I need to read.

Some screen caps:

Monday, August 10, 2009

True Blood 'Timebomb' round-up **SPOILERS**

Holy crap, this episode was the best this season, I know I said that about last week's but...whatever! And it was orgy-free! Now for the highlights (and some lowlights):

  • Godric snaps Gabe's neck. I can't stand that guy, he was creepy and mean. I'm glad Godric killed him. Strangely, he was the only guy he did kill or had killed this entire episode. What up with that, Goddy?
  • Eric rushing in to save Godric (or Sookie too?)
  • Jason is just shot with a paint pellet. This scene has some classic "Jason-is-a-moron" lines. "Oh, I'm saved", "Oh for Heaven's sake, grow a brain cell...PAINT BALLS!" "You're worse than Judas!", "Why? What'd he do to you?" Man he sure is stupid...but he's pretty!
  • Eric leans into Sookie (panties dropping across the country!) and tells her to trust him. He walks out all hunched over and with a silly nerd voice tells them that Steve sent him to guard the door. He also glamors a stake from one of the guys and Sookies shrieks "Stake!" and Eric knocks all the guys down and Sookie, in her infinite annoyingness tells him that he doesn't have to kill them. For some reason, he listens to her!
  • Halfway through the sanctuary and in walks Steve! He says he doesn't give a shit about Godric getting away since all they needed was a vampire for their morning "vampire burnin'" and they have one...Eric. For some reason I just love the stupid-ass grin on Michael McMillian's (Steve) face, it's just pricelessly stupid!
  • Oh! It was Lorena who stole Barry the Bellman. Now she wants to feed on him and Bill is all like, "Stop. Don't. Leave him alone. I'm fucking annoying." She bites Barry and says there is something different about him. I will admit it was pretty damn awesome when Bill smacks her over the head several times with the plasma TV; this won't turn out well.
  • Jessica and Hoyt are finally doing it...and in bursts Bill. He tells Hoyt that if he truly cares for her, he'll take her back to Bon Temps right now before the sun rises.
  • The card reading between Tara and Lafayette where he tells her she'll have to make a sacrifice in the matter of her heart. Him skeedaddling to "Go clean a grill or something".
  • Lafayette jolting when Tara asks if he's okay to close up. He was obviously listening as he obviously doesn't like Eggs (welcome to the crowd Lafayette).
  • Jason rolling up all "I'm from the Light of Day Institute".
  • Sam finding Daphne's dead body in his freezer and getting a visit from the cops. I'm pretty sure Maryann is the one who calls the cops, so why in the promo for next week does it seem like she doesn't know where he is? Is she an idiot?
  • Maryann cutting up the heart with the dullest knife in history and humming a little creepy song. At least there aren't any orgies...yet!
  • Is it wrong to find Alexander Skarsgård incredibly sexy while moaning in pain because he's covered in a silver chain? No? Okay, good!
  • Sookie telling them that Steve's analogy about silver doesn't make any sense.
  • Eric offering himself for Godric and the girl...Steve says no, maybe they'll tie her him during the bonfire!
  • Bill finally shows up!
  • Jason shooting Steve in the hand and in the forehead...nice!
  • Eric attacking Steve and (once again?) listening to Sookie by not killing him. Oh, and the Dallas vamps arrive...and to kill everyone.
  • Godric arrives! And asks which of the people are willing to die for Steve's madness, no one responds. Steve is left broken...but he probably won't go down quietly. He's a religious nutcase, they usually don't!
  • One of the most disturbing and gross scenes: Tara and Eggs eating that nasty soufflé that Maryann made. Ick! Then them fighting before making out. And there are the black eyes again.
  • Sam ending up in jail with a bunch of other people who keep blacking out and who were in the orgies.
  • Andy coming to Sam's aide. He was doing good until he started talking about the bull with claws. Poor Andy, they all think he's drunk.
  • Lorena being humiliated by the other vampires...I'm sure she won't be gone forever!
  • And...Luke walking in. Telling Jason to get out and then showing his bomb. Credits and me going, "Damn it!"
Can not wait for next week:

Some clips from last night:

Thursday, August 6, 2009

True Blood "Timebomb" clips

First, I notice that the title to this weeks episode is 'Timebomb' and knowing that the title usually references the end-title song, I really hope it's the song 'Timebomb' by Jessy Greene.


*Excuse the 'Burn Notice'/Jeffrey Donovan goodness. It was used in the season 2 finale.

Anyway...back to 'True Blood'. Here are two new clips from Sunday's episode:

-Eric is following Godric's orders and getting Sookie out of the Fellowship of the Sun church (I don't think they'll make it out safely). I love when he tells her not to use words she doesn't understand and words he doesn't understand. I love Sundays.

-Bud Dearborne and Kenya are interrogating Sam. Poor, poor Sam. Someone called in an anonymous tip about a body, that would be Daphne's body, and they think Sam killed her. He didn't. Technically Eggs (the most annoying character EVER!) did via Maryann.

HBO for original clips.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

'El Orfanato' (The Orphanage) being remade??

Reports are that the fantastic Spanish film is going to be remade (of course) for us Americans who are unable to read English subtitles while still being able to watch the action onscreen. At least I assume this is the reason, why else would you need to remake a movie from 2007? And a nearly perfect, suspenseful movie at that!

But...this might not be all that bad, oh no. You see, Guillermo del Toro himself has chosen Larry Fessenden to write and direct and we all love del Toro, so it might not be ALL bad. But really, is it needed? No. It's not needed as much as a remake of 'Låt den rätte komma in' isn't needed, which is not at all.*

*I know, I know. The remake of 'Let the Right One In' (now called 'Let Me In') isn't a remake, it's supposed to be more like the book. But it seems to be leaning towards making Eli look less androgynous and more obviously female/cutesy. Lina Leandersson nailed the role in the original and was able to meld those two sides of the character brilliantly and the last photos of the three girls possibly to play Eli in the remake fit that "cutesy girl" look. I hope I am wrong. Plus, it's a giant slap in the face to Swedish cinema to make a movie they already made brilliantly a year ago, over again with a new name. Just watch the original!

[I Watch Stuff]

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Awesome Super-Trailer of 'Generation Kill' and 'Band of Brothers'

Undoubtedly two of the best mini-series ever on television, 'Generation Kill' and 'Band of Brothers' have been mashed together in this clip.

If you are unfamiliar with either mini-series, check them out. I haven't seen all of 'Band of Brothers' but 'Generation Kill' is both intense and funny in parts and really gives you an idea of what went on in Iraq during those initial days. I've posted on the awesome-ness that is 'Generation Kill' before, so go check that out if you need validation.

This clip contains scenes from both series, plus music by Massive Attack, Craig Armstrong and Sigur Rós.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

True Blood "Release Me" Round-up *SPOILERS*

Hallaloojah's Hallaloojah's! Lafayette is back (at least he appears to be)! After being scared shit-less last week by Andy and then by a visit from Pam requesting him to get back to selling 'V' (it was a request from Eric), my fair Lafayette is back to being that saucy makeup-wearing, head-scarf tying, sassy bitch I've come to love! And he wears a shirt that states he is 'Bitchy' as he curls his lashes in the bathroom mirror.

This was probably the best episode so far this season. It was filled to the top with awesome; I even managed to overlook Valerie Cruz' horrible acting because I was distracted by Skarsgård...what can I say, he does that to me! So what the hell happened, you ask?

-Bill/Lorena: Lorena still won't let Bill leave the damn hotel room! What a bitch! She keeps saying she's his maker and he belongs to her. Blah, Blah, Blah! Meanwhile, he knows Sookie is in danger and begs Lorena to at least let him call Eric and have him go check on her. Lorena informs Bill that Eric is the reason she's here and that he wants his human. We also float on back to memory lane, the '30's, and see when Bill was still with Lorena. She brings him a luscious little chorus girl to suck on but he doesn't want that and he sends her away. They start arguing like 5 year olds and he begs her to release him. She eventually does as a blood-tear slides down her face.
Hey Bill? Why haven't you even worried about Jessica since at least two episodes ago? Remember she was pissed at you?

-Jessica/Hoyt: Well, fine, I'll worry about Jessica then! Hoyt showed up last week (last night in show time) and he was all sweet and shit. They start talking and end up confessing they are both virgins and Jessica says she'll be his first, just not tonight. They cuddle and the next night when she awakens he has thrown petals all over the room and lit candles (blood scented, they smell like soup to him [yuck]). So sweet! But, something bad has to happen and eventually the selfish people in the other room will remember she is there.

Eric/Texas Vamps: Eric talks with Isabel outside the Fellowship's headquarters about Godric and their humans. Eric insists he isn't interested in Sookie nor what Bill thinks of his interests. He's lying his ass off, though! Valerie Cruz has also returned with the horrid accent, so that sucks. I recommend blocking it out after the first time you watch the's easier that way, just focus on the Swede. Later on, while walking back to his hotel room with Stan and Isabel, they all start arguing about who is the inside man and Stan says something disparaging about Eric to which Eric flies off the handle and pins him to the wall. He turns away and says that if Godric dies, he'll have lost everything (and he cries [Eric cries?] some blood-tears). He also overhears Barry telling Bill/Lorena about Sookie's message and takes off like a bolt of lightning.

Sookie/Hugo: Hugo is a dumb shit! I read the books, so I knew this was coming, but seriously! What a damn dumbass! Sookie and Hugo are locked in a cage thingy in the basement and Hugo is all freaking out about being claustrophobic (you aren't in a room, it's a fenced-in area dude!) and how he has to get out. Sookie calls out to Godric and telepathically calls out to Barry to tell Bill where she is, neither man/vamp answers. Steve and Gabe come down to find out what they want to know and Hugo starts yapping about who she is and what her name is. When Steve hears 'Stackhouse' he takes off to go find Jason. He thinks he's a traitor. Hugo then starts banging and calling out and when Sookie touches him she reads that he is the traitor and she confronts him (not the smartest thing to do seeing as you are locked in a cage with this man, but she's also kind of stupid). He says that his life was ruined because of the relationship with Isabel and he basically needed salvation. Sookie says that he's dumb to think they'd just let him go. To them he is a 'Fangbanging traitor', nothing more. He should have listened to her because soon Gabe comes in and beats the shit out of him. He also starts in on Sookie and tries to rape her...but Godric comes to the rescue! This was the end of the episode but we haven't covered all the storylines, so I continue.

Maryann/Eggs/Tara/Sam/Orgy/Daphne: Last week ended with Daphne getting Sam into the woods where he was kidnapped and brought to the never-ending orgy (sing to the tune 'Neverending Story'). Andy stumbles into the clearing, he's still after that damn pig, and sees all that's going on. A shot rings out and Maryann gets distracted, which gives Sam a chance to get away. He runs off with Maryann close behind and shifts into an owl (good thing he didn't see a turle right then!). Oh and everyone in the clearing started screaming when he got away. Andy approaches Terry, who breaks Andy's arm. Can you imagine the extras call? 'We need 50 people to be stark naked'. Honestly, I'd do it if I would be guarenteed there would be a Skarsgård near by...maybe.
The next morning Tara and Eggs wake up on the couch and have no idea what happened to them. Maryann comes home covered in dirt and blood, with a dead rabbit in her hands. Ick!
Sam, meanwhile, has retrieved a gun and goes off to locate Daphne. She tells him that Maryann saved her life and gives her everything. She jumps in the lake and proceeds to tell that Maryann is a Maenad and that she is a consort of Dionysus (apparently the Devil in this world) and that she is immortal and there is no point fighting her. Later, Maryann shows up and Daphne says she has been waiting for her. Maryann thanks her for her service and out steps a black-eyed Eggs to stab her. Was this because she told Sam what she was?

Arlene/Tara/Lafayette/Bar: Tara is at work and Arlene comes in to tell her that she has to talk to her. They go into the bathroom where they encounter Lafayette applying his makeup. Tara and Lafayette have a classic coversation before Arlene tells her that she has no idea what happened the night before. She was trying to ply Terry with booze to loosen him up and then she blacked out. She thinks she took advantage of him. Later Andy comes into the bar looking for Terry. When he sees he isn't there he starts going off about how he saw all of them acting like lunatics in the woods and he'll find out what's going on. They all think he's drunk, which he is, except Sam who knows what is going on.

Jason/Sarah: It took six episodes for Jason to bang Sarah (bathtub handjob doesn't count, does it?), really Jason! This episode finds them still in the church and she says that he's shown her what love is. I love the look on his face! She wants to tell Steve, but Jason doesn't want her to since "Steve has guns" and during the lock-in they'll be locked in with Steve and all his guns! They agree to wait until after the events of the next morning. Later Jason encounters Steve and Gabe and he thinks they are after him for sleeping with Sarah, but it's really because Steve thinks he's a vampire loving infiltrator. Steve tells Gabe to take care of him and when Gabe calls Sookie a whore, Jason loses it. He takes off running and Sarah finds him sometime later, where she shoots him (it's a paintball, I saw the trailer afterwards).

What will occur next week? It's getting good!

EDIT: Here is a compilation of Eric scenes!