Monday, May 31, 2010

'Super 8' Trailer

I like J.J. Abrams. I do not like aliens. I am guessing the 'IT' they are referring to may be an alien.

I still can not watch 'Communion' or 'Fire In the Sky'. I've been scarred for life and I wish I was kidding.

Still, since it's J.J. I bet it's going to be good and will have some great viral advertising and ARG.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

'Tron Legacy' Trailer

Alright, I will be the first to admit that when I heard they were making a sequel to Tron I scoffed. I scoffed with the best of them. And I kept scoffing.

I stopped scoffing when I saw this trailer because it looks pretty sweet. I like the look of the regular world, all muted and heavily contrasty. And then in the Tron world it's all blacks and bright colors and neon. I also like Garrett Hedlund and I really love his voice. He's got a Michael Wincott voice without a Michael Wincott face (that's not putting Wincott down, he isn't ugly. But he does have a kickass voice!).

I haven't seen the first Tron in a LONG time, so I should catch it again, but I have to say I am looking forward to this. Plus, you can't beat a good looking guy who wears a skin-tight spandex suit with neon lights well. And Hedlund does.

'The Last Exorcism' Trailer

At first I thought: "Oh come on! Another one!" That was followed by: "From Producer Eli Roth? Alright, so it's torture porn."

Who asked for another exorcist? The original is not scary, it's kind of funny. The 92 remakes that came out just a few years ago weren't scary...they were stupid. So why was it necessary to make another Exorcist movie?

It's good to know that they are clearly trying to cash in on some of the [REC] goodness with their shitty horror movie.

[REC] 2 Trailer

I thought this was going to be for the shitty American remake sequel, but it's for the Spanish one, so I calmed down.

It takes place 15 minutes after the ending of the first movie and follows the other side of the plastic sheet draped over the building. The first movie (the original...NOT the one where Jennifer Carpenter huffed and puffed throughout the whole movie) was incredibly good and scary. I don't know if it a sequel is warranted but I'll take it. It looks pretty scary.

Monday, May 17, 2010

True Blood Season 3 Clip Preview

HBO has a new trailer up with clips from season 3 which starts June 16th, I think. I can't wait! You might have to sign in/register to watch this, but if you are a True Blood fan, just do it.

Let me break down the goings-on in the preview:

- Bill appears to be stumbling out of the darkness. What are you up to, Bill?

- My sexy Swede is telling Sookeh that she is blinded by her obsession with Bill and she'll get herself killed. Oh someone comes inside what appears to be Bill's house.

- James Frain, who isn't the most pretty to look at but has a kick-ass voice, comes into Merlotte's and asks Tara for a True Blood. Then they are having sex...but this is True Blood, so not a surprise!

- A hillbilly sticks a gun in Sam's face! Hey, hillbilly? Don't mess with that mans glorious mug!

- Sam tells a lady (his mom?) that they met 34 years ago. Oh and hillbilly says: Who is he, mamma?

- There's Jessica dragging a dead body into Bill's house. Guess she killed that trucker? Then she's asking Pam what to do with a dead body if she were to have killed someone.

- The Swede's back! He looks frightened and tells Sookeh to invite him in. Werewolves are looking for Sookeh! They have red eyes...always a good sign!

- Jason is still stupid and asks Sookeh if Big Foot is real too and also Santa.

- Bill wakes up with scratches all over his face and says to someone that you can't love humans without bringing suffering upon them. Then he's with whats-her-face from last season. The crazy one that he played pianoman with. Yeah, her!

- Franklin Mott (James Frain. I looked up who he was playing. Nice casting!) licks Tara and asks to know everything about Bill and Sookeh. Of course! This show is like watching porn, only you feel dirty and also strangely satisfied at how fun it is. At least that's how I feel. Plus, the SkarsgÄrd. But, I digress!

- Jason and Andy are still skulking around looking guilty and burning papers at the stove.

- Sookeh tells Eric that they need to go to Jackson (Mississippi, I assume), but he says he can't and she shouldn't go alone. Then Alcide (NICE casting indeed!) comes along to help her. Seriously! MUCH better choice to play him then I imagined from the description in the books. I pictured not this! YUM!

- Alcide takes Sookeh to the werebar where people grab at her and some dude asks if his pack can do nothing right! Then it cuts to some dude on a horse pointing a gun at someone, who I now see on second glance is Alcide with no shirt on (look to the lower right).

- Then a wolf growls/snarls!

- Sam tells hillbilly that he doesn't appreciate him trying to get him killed as we see DogSam run in front of a truck.

- Flash of cuts where Sookeh says they took someone from her while there are shirtless dudes howling in a bar, Sookeh running, loading of guns. There's a flaming, screaming person, people with no clothes, no clothes, FANTASTIC. Sex, moaning, sex, moaning and then more sex/moaning. YAY!

- Last, but not least, is Bill telling Sookeh not to come find him. He doesn't want to be found. She cries.

I can't wait. I live for this to fill my summer! Also, the Swede.