Friday, October 30, 2009

New 'Shutter Island' trailer

I've said it once and I'll say it want my attention all you need is an insane asylum, a time period somewhere between 1920's-1960's, and a good story and I am hooked. I'm pumped about this movie, but I don't want to wait until February since I will be busy with playing Bioshock 2.

I think if they'll stay on the books' story I will be happy. Do it for me, Scorcese! Do it for ME!

If you haven't read the book, go and read it. It's a great, creepy, quick, twist-ending read.

Shutter Island - Exclusive Trailer

Thursday, October 29, 2009

New 'Avatar' trailer that makes you say YAY instead of Say What?

A couple months ago they rolled out a teaser trailer for 'Avatar' that, while interesting, made you think more like, "What the hell is this movie about?" instead of "I can't wait to see this".

Many pointed out that the teaser pretty much looked like a longer, higher budget, 3D version of Delgo...not a good thing. I haven't seen 'Delgo' but it looked pretty awful. After seeing the teaser for 'Avatar' I also had no desire to sit in a theatre for 3 hours and watch 'Delgo' play out in 3D by the hand of James Cameron.*


There also just isn't enough Sam Worthington for my liking.

Then the NEW polished, fresh trailer came out. I saw it yesterday and I was blown away. It looks epic, original(ish) fresh, fun, colorful and there was more Sam Worthington than you can shake a stick at. It also gave you an idea of what the movie is actually about. Let's watch it first:'s the low-down. Humans find this planet where there is some kind of ore that sells for a shitload of dollar signs (or lbs sterling...whatever currency you like). Unfortunately, as so often happens to use poor humans, the planet is already full of lifeforms that aren't us. One of which happens to be a sentient race called the Navi. The humans decide they want to get rid of the Navi but they are hard to kill off. Sigourney Weaver appears to be there to find a diplomatic way to solve the issue, but of course, the Marines are there to NOT do that. This is where my Australian love (along with Guy...don't worry) Sam Worthington (Sully)comes in. He is a paralyzed former-Marine who was told that if he takes part in this experimental procedure to make an avatar out of human and Navi DNA then, I am only guessing here, they can infiltrate the Navi and get rid of them. The Worthington seriously has never looked better than he does at 2:25/2:26...
Sully starts to realize that these aren't just some random life form that humans should get rid of and decides to try to stop the head Marine with the scars on his face/head. He's the baddy. Sully and sadly, Michelle Rodriguez, are now on the side of the Navi where an epic battle will play out to keep the humans from killing off the alien life forms for their own gain (not that it will work, because this is what humans do: We try to kill things because they have what we want...'tis the human way...)

*In all fairness, 'Delgo' had to have been copied from 'Avatar' as ol' Jimmy has been working on it for 10 years.

Friday, October 23, 2009

'Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans' Trailer

I'm not sure why there is a recent desire, nay, need to name every movie with 42 different words. Is 'Bad Lieutenant' not good enough? It must have the Port of New Orleans? Is the reason New Orleans is there because we want to make sure everyone knows it takes place/was filmed in New Orleans? Because if that was the case, just name it Port of New Orleans.

I do think it might be okay to see. Yes Nicolas Cage continues to play a variation of Nicolas Cage. That would be "Crazy Eyes"-Cage.

Next up: Half-way Decent Laundry Cleaner: Angel of New-South Hamptom Wales New Zealand Key Largo-East.

'The Men Who Stare At Goats' Feature Trailer

Another trailer for this movie with the long name. It still looks funny as shit. Check out the spot where Jeff Bridges appears to be skipping around like a hippie. Straight up funny!

'Sherlock Holmes' Trailer B

Still looks entertaining and Robert Downey Jr. still looks hot. Not being a drug addict looks good on him!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

'The Spy Next Door' Trailer

Oh look! It's a play on words. See...instead of the GUY next door, it's the SPY next door! SOOOO clever!

Well, it's also 'The Pacifier' but with Jackie Chan making an ass of himself instead of Vin Diesel making an ass of himself.

Here's the rundown of this abysmal piece of crap: Jackie Chan is the neighbor to some brats. The mom of the brats asks him to watch the kids. Hilarity is supposed to ensue, but instead we get the typical antics: The kids hate neighbor Chan, he tries to make breakfast but instead burns stuff and somehow makes oatmeal into a giant brick stuck on a fork, he feeds a pig some bacon in a sequence that is really nasty and not at all funny (why does everyone have to have a pig as a pet?), he flips a little girl end-over-end and she lands in her clothes. Yeah. Oh, and let's not forget that he's really a spy on loan to the CIA and he has to stop, Home Alone-style, a bunch of baddies who, for some reason, are attacking him in his neighbors house.

This is so bad, and such a mish-mash of about 10,000 other movies of greater or lesser (let's be honest, even the worst of the movies this one is borrowing from have to be better) that I just can't even fathom how this got Green Lit. How? Was there NO other script laying around that maybe was original?
My problem with movies of this ilk are that they are assuming that the audience is stupid and will gladly watch whatever tripe plopped in front of them. In some cases (like most of the audience that I encountered today), they are happy to literally watch whatever crap you tell them to watch. But please demand better for your children and for yourselves. This movie is BAD!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Movie You Should See: 'L.A. Confidential'

I think there are about three people who haven't seen this movie, if you are one of them you should get yourself a copy immediately and watch it.

It not only was a launching vehicle for the careers of Guy Pearce (Who I love!) and Russell Crowe, but it also has that other adorable Australian, Simon Baker. He's only in it for a few scenes, but he's there.

L.A. Confidential is, like most of the books by the incredibly talented writer James Ellroy, a sweeping tale of several crimes and the three cops that have to work together (or apart) to solve them. It also has an incredible "Holy shit! I didn't see that coming" moment.

Just go rent it.

Friday, October 9, 2009

'Shutter Island' Feature Trailer

I don't know why we aren't getting this until February, there must be too many important talking, animated animal movies due out between now and then.

The book by Dennis Lehane was a good read and was incredibly statisfying, so I really hope this will be a lot like the book. From what I've seen just in the teaser and trailer, it seems to fit in with the book barring some scenes. There are also some incredible shots and it just looks gorgeous. I can't wait!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cast of 'Predator' remake, say it ain't so...

I'm sorry...but Adrian Brody and Topher Grace in the unnecessary and un-asked for "remake" of Predator? This is seriously a joke right? It can't be true.

How can you go from these guys:

Yeah...Arnold, Jesse Ventura, Carl Weathers, Sonny Landham, super-huge biceps and chew and swearing; guys you believe could at least stand a chance against a monster/alien in a freakin' jungle.

To these twirpy boys? If these burly dudes don't make it out and the "jungle comes alive and takes them", what the hell chance do these two skinny fucks have?

I mean, I like Topher Grace and all, and I know "acting" wasn't a requirement for 'Predator' the first and second go-rounds (I don't count the other 45 rehashings because they are, well, stupid), so since he isn't really a good actor that isn't the problem. The problem is that you are casting two guys whose weight and body mass COMBINED doesn't equal the heft of one eyelash of ANY of the original cast.

On the other hand, I have NO idea what the plot is and it will no doubt involve one or both of these guys playing "scientists" &/or "government liasons" who get sucked into a terrible situation dealing with a government secret &/or genetic mutations...that is just a given because I can't seriously be expected to believe either of these dudes could be paramilitary/mercenaries/guys who could hold their own without pomade and a chauffeured limosine and a latte.

And one of my favorite things about 'Predator' is the gah-donk-a-donk-a-donk-a music that I can't find (Hey, there is a used copy of Alan Silvestri's soundtrack on Amazon for $188.00!) a sample of; it's when they are trouncing around the jungle and the 'Predator' is tracking them. Watch it, you'll know it!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

An Effects-less clip of '2012'

Here is what you get when you take all of the effects out of a 5 minute clip from the sure-to-be crappy movie '2012'. I say it's "sure-to-be" because it's Roland Emmerich and it's going to be awful. Not even John Cusack in his never aging wonder can save it.

So here's what you get: no effects and I can just assume a better movie than what you will get after all the things exploding/falling apart/blowing up/melting/splashing/flooding, etc.

via: I Watch Stuff