Tuesday, February 23, 2010

'Wall Street:Money Never Sleeps' Trailer

Yeah, that's the name of the sequel to Wall Street. They should call it Wall Street: Hollywood Wastes Money on a Sequel No One Asked For. But they told me that the name was too long, so they went with Money Never Sleeps.

I never saw Wall Street because I do not like Oliver Stone movies (they put me to sleepy-land) and I don't think movies about Wall Street really intrigue me. I don't see the men/women on the trading floor waving their hands around and yelling as being an enticing box office draw to me...meaning it's boring as shit. So you can guess how excited I am about a sequel where Michael Douglas' character gets out of prison and I assume does whatever the hell it was he does. Sit around and talk in voice over, I think? And carry his gold money clip, with no money in it? That sounds about right.

And thankfully they show the entire movie in the full trailer, so no need to actually WATCH the stupid movie.

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