Sunday, July 25, 2010

'Priest' Trailer

I am sick of everything being 3D.!

That being said, this movie seems like it will either be good or very, very bad. If judged on the SFX alone, I'm going for very, very bad. I mean, what the hell kind of "vampires" are those? They look like some kind of leech mixed with a piranha twisted with a slug. I know we've pretty much exhausted the "vampire" genre and the various ways they can look, but come on!

On the maybe-good side, the story might be interesting. Paul Bettany plays a priest in a world that looks like a mish-mash of medieval Europe and the future. I think he also hunts those leech/piranha/slug/vampire things above. That's pretty much all I get from the trailer because it wasn't that good.

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