Wednesday, December 22, 2010

'Hanna' Trailer

I've got to say, this looks pretty intriguing. It has a great cast and you can't go wrong with slapping a favorite in to do the soundtrack (Chemical Brothers).

Saorise Ronan plays a young girl who apparently lives in the woods with Eric Bana (not a bad deal for me, really) and there is some kind of switch which will bring Cate Blanchett and the authoratah their way if it's turned on. So, of course, she switches it on and the authoratah fly on down. Bana gets away but leaves the daughter behind looking scared and frightened. But, she apparently isn't scared and frightened and instead kills someone posing as Blanchett's character before escaping and causing a man-hunt.

Looks like she's some kind of mutant, or genetic freak, or what will most likely become a SyFy Channel movie if this one does well.

I would like to see this movie unless they release another trailer that makes it look shitty.

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