Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The best of the 'The 48th Annual Ann Arbor Film Fest' opening night!

I went to the opening night festivities of the Ann Arbor Film Festival last night. I've never been there before but since I'm all into this crap now and going to school for film, I figured I should go and see if I like it (next year I may get the festival pass). I did, even though several of the films shown were what I would call...awful.

The Ann Arbor Film Fest is an experimental film fest, so it makes sense that a lot of these films were, how do I say it delicately, mind-bendingly bad. But this post is about the best films from last night, not the worst...I'll get to that in time.

'El ataque de los robots de Nebulosa-5'
An absolutely charming little film about a man who, I believe, either gets drunk at his birthday party or has a fit of some kind, and has a vision of robots from Nebulosa-5 coming to him to inform him of their impending invasion. He tries to tell his mother and cousin about it, but they don't believe him. The neighbor and his brother sometimes come and make fun of him, but still he waits in the park next to his house where the dogs shit for the invastion to come.
The film is black and white, has some good looking shots, has a very distinctive lead actor and is very unique.

'Missed Aches'
Joanna Priestly's Flash animated short about spell-check errors is so funny and fresh. I laughed so hard at this and loved the cute little characters. Wish the whole thing was online.
Here's a preview:

'Photograph of Jesus'
This is one of the best of last night because it's so funny and so imaginative. It covers some weird requests for photos from the Hulton Archive/Getty Images collection. Requests like a photo of Jack the Ripper, Jesus, a yeti, know, things that no one has photos of. The film is animated with a voice over from a man who works in the archive and it's quite entertaining.

'Fantasy Suite'
Unfortunately this isn't online, at least I can't find it. This was seriously hilarious! Kent Lambert took footage from some crappy 80's movies and The Bachelor and melded them into some kind of humorous commentary on western heterosexual romance (got that from the A2 Film Fest book, since I couldn't describe it myself). He slowed down the clips from The Bachelor, making it really funny and also, somehow, making the show interesting to watch. It was great!
Here is Kent talking about the film last night:

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