Sunday, March 28, 2010

The best of the 'The 48th Annual Ann Arbor Film Fest' This Animated Life night

The other day I covered the best of the opening night. So tonight I am throwing out the best of what I watched Friday night at the animation portion called 'This Animated Life'.

Once again there were some really good movies and then there were some really bad and seriously hard to watch movies.

I saw this online awhile ago and thought it was just so creepy and weird and wonderful that when I saw it listed in the program for the festival I just HAD to go see it on the big screen. It is probably the best in terms of actually having a story and also being really professional in appearance. 'Alma' is about a little girl of the same name, who happens upon a toy store with a doll that looks just like her standing in the window. Upon closer inspection that doll moves further into the to see what happens.

'The Black Dog's Progress'
A short animated film told through multiple flip books that are both completely adorable and then, quickly, morph into incredibly disturbing. Makes you really feel for the little black dog.

'Please Say Something'
A collection of short episodes about the relationship between a cat and a mouse. The animation is really adorable, the sounds are precious and the subject matter is quite heavy at times.

'Horn Dog'
The really wrong tale of a dog that is in love with some other dog. It's very funny and, like I said, very wrong. Here is a clip since I didn't see the whole short online. Sorry.

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