Sunday, May 1, 2011

'Abduction' trailer

If you are in the need to see the little rat-faced boy from Twilight play a plethora of characters from Steven Segal to Jason Statham to just about any and all action movie character from any and all movies, you are in luck! Here he is playing a kid who is normal and ordinary who finds out after hitting it off with pretty high school girl #1, that he seems to be a missing person. But why? Oh look! Someone just showed up at his door and attacks his "parents" who tell him to RUN! He, of course, runs and off he goes. Also, the chicky is with him. They run and run and run. He kicks and punches and kicks and runs and fights and kisses the girl.

The only reason I would ever watch this movie is because Michael Nyqvist is in it and he plays a bad guy. The only reason.

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