Sunday, May 1, 2011

'Cowboys and Aliens' trailer

The first time I heard Jon Favreau was making a movie with this title I immediately thought, "What?" The reason being that this sounds like a stupid idea. Cowboys and aliens? Yet, watching this trailer makes me wonder if I was wrong. I'm thinking yes.

However, they have used the familiar high-color contrast combination of orange and blue to flavor their film; a combo that is used far too much for really no reason what-so-ever other than human beings find those two colors to be pleasing when used in contrast.

What's the movie about, you ask? Well, Daniel Craig plays a man who has been dropped into 1873 Arizona with no clue about who he is, where he's from and why he's there. He has some kind of weird weapon on his wrist and he is taken into custody in this little back-water town when all of a sudden some aliens appear in ships and attack and then start to abduct the other people in the town. What do they do with them? Where do they take them? Why are they taking them? Why are they blue and the people orange? All questions to be answered when the movie comes out.

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