Saturday, September 19, 2009


'Changeling' was one of the best movies from last year, at least in my opinion. It made me fall in love with Clint Eastwood and Angelina Jolie (who should have won an Oscar for her performance and who I've sort-of liked over the years).

The movie is heart-breaking and beautifully shot and it set in the time period I live for. Check out the movie (on DVD, OnDemand, NetFlix, Blockbuster, etc) and if your heart doesn't break, you sir may be dead.

Based on the true story of Christine Collins who came home from work to find her son, Walter Collins, missing. Eventually she finds out that he was probably kidnapped by Gordon S. Northcott (the movie doesn't include the fact that his mother also was involved in the kidnap, torture and murder of at least 4 boys. His mother was convicted of killing Walter Collins and was sentenced to life in prison)and, though he won't admit once way or another, was killed.

*on another note: I want ALL her clothes and hats and her house*


Introduced to Son:

I Want My Son Back:

Dr. Steele Questions Christine:

Captain Jones Insists:

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