Monday, September 28, 2009

'Nightmare on Elm Street' Remake

As much as I really don't think it's necessary for remaking every single movie from the 80's that I grew up with, this doesn't look that bad.

I said it doesn't LOOK that bad, I didn't say it wouldn't BE bad. Chances are it will be awful; I did watch that Jason remake, and while it wasn't terrible it was by no means good. It did have a Padalecki in it and I like that.

This remake has a Jackie Earle Haley and a John Connor. I don't know what it is about Thomas Dekker (besides his name reminding me of Rick Deckard [Blade Runner]). I mean in person he seems really odd and weird but I just think he is mesmerizing on screen. Anyway...he's in it too.

One thing I don't understand about all of these remakes is why do they think people need to know the origin stories? Can't we just be like...oh he's a nutcase who kills people for revenge (which seems to be the case usually). Like Jason, I don't care WHY he does what he does. That's like remaking Alien (please don't) and giving us an origin story as to why the aliens hate humans and want to kill them (in the case of aliens, though I would imagine the above taking place in a remake, I think the aliens more or less just kill whatever is need to EVER make an origin story out of Alien).


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