Saturday, November 14, 2009

'Leap Year' Trailer

I was ready to massacre this one, but I think it looks kinds cute in that chick-flick way. In that, "She better choose the hotter "Irish" guy at the end after she finds out her boyfriend was cheating on her" way. If that doesn't happen it will be like the Sex and the City movie where there is no way in hell she should have ended up with the dude who left her at the altar. Plus, Matthew Goode is hot and even though he isn't Irish, I think I buy him as Irish.

The movie is about a woman who flies to Dublin to propose to her boyfriend following a tradition where women propose on leap year, or something. But her plans are put off course and she lands in Wales and meets Goode's character, an innkeeper, who agrees to drive her to Dublin to meet her boyfriend. A whole bunch of shit happens in typical chick-flick fashion, but who cares.

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