Saturday, November 14, 2009

'Salt' Trailer

Finally, a trailer for a movie that looks good. It has one of my favorites: Chiwetel Ejiofor...with an American accent. Also an Angelina Jolie playing a character I am intrigued by.

She plays Evelyn Salt, a CIA officer who is called in to question a walk-in, Vasiley something-or-other. He says that he has some information on an operative that is coming to kill the president. She asks him who he is and when they tell her he doesn't exist, she tells him he is good and gets up to leave telling him that he can explain it all to one of her co-workers. At which point he tells her that the name of the Russian spy is Evelyn Salt. She then takes off and supposedly tries to save her family from the government who are after her now for being said spy.

It looks awesome and I hope there's that moment where we find out she really is a spy and was supposed to kill the president but this dude fucked it all up.

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