Monday, December 21, 2009

'Cats vs. Dogs: Revenge of dumb talking animals'

I hate these movies. I hate animated, talking animals. What do I hate MORE than animates talking animals? Why, I hate REAL animals that are animated to talk, that's what. I think drug references, and Bond references and trying to cover up the fact they wanted to call it 'Revenge of Pussy Galore' but most likely couldn't get it past censors, is stupid. It's dumb. And making kids want to go see the "cute little animals" (that aren't cute when made to talk and move their mouths) so their parents have to sit through 80 to 90 minutes of mind-numbing stupidity, is stupid.

The entire premise of this movie, which I've since learned is a sequel, is that this ugly cat is trying to get revenge and dressed up like a puppy and infiltrated some house and now all the cats and dogs have to save the world, or some garbage.

Why does this anger me so? Because after a year of some really good kids' movies (UP, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs), 2010 gives us this tripe. And it's tripe people will go see and then they'll make more tripe from a different animal, if you like the metaphor.

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