Thursday, December 10, 2009

"That Evening Sun" Trailer

I was transcribing a show today and I came across this movie being highlighted. It.looks.awesome!

It's about an 80 some year old man who was put in an old folks home where he felt he was rotting away. He feels that if you died in your sleep they'd just roll you over and put someone else in your place, so he leaves. He goes back to his house and finds a family of white trash folks living there. They rented the house from the old man's son. But, the old man isn't giving up on the house and farm since he wants it. The father/husband of the white trash family wants him to leave and also appears to beat his daughter with a hose. Things seem to go downhill from there.

I really want to see this movie and I hope it gets wider release when it finally comes out.

Check out the trailers below. I have nothing funny to say about this movie, it plain looks awesome!

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