Monday, June 1, 2009

Transformers 2 clip

I couldn't drag myself to watch a show that made Twilight seem like the best movie ever, so I did not watch the MTV Movie Awards (which, as a small digression, makes no sense, since they are the MUSIC network...not the MOVIE network. Let's be honest though, they left "music" behind back in the early 90's, now they are the SHIT network).

They showed a clip for the new Transformers movie and I really hope they are still working on the CGI, because we are creeping into Emmerich territory on the awfulness scale, if this is the finished product.

And like I Watch Stuff reported, how damn hard is it for two giant machines the size of buildings and some robot animals to find two little people? You're giant, just smash them!

Here's the clip:

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