Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Return of Summer Television

Tonight marks the beginning (at least for me) of the summer television season with the return of Burn Notice on USA. In accordance I am going to point out some shows you should watch this summer. I'll add some more later as their dates come closer.

Burn Notice Thursday 9pm USA
Michael Westen is a spy...or he was a spy before he got burned. What does being burned mean? Well, you lose your job, your assets, your identification...everything. According to your former employers, you no longer exist. This is the situation Michael Westen finds himself in at the beginning of season 1 when he wakes up in Miami with his ex, Fiona, telling him he is back in Miami. He meets up with his good friend Sam and together with Fiona they go around helping others in Miami with situations that the police won't or can't help with.

Jeffrey Donovan is great as Michael and brings a certain manliness, charm and humor to the character (plus, he's cute as a button...damn Irish blood). Bruce Campbell plays Sam Axe and he's, well, Bruce Campbell-great! Sharon Gless is hilarious as Michael's chain-smoking mother, Madeline.

BONUS: Royal Pains Thursday 10pm USA
I am including this because it is a new series premiering tonight after Burn Notice. I don't know much about it, but it appears to be about an ER doctor who moves to the Hamptons after he is blamed for the death of a patient. He then becomes a doctor for the rich &/or famous before being asked by a local doctor to help the less fortunate.

I'm not big on doctor shows but I do like Mark Feuerstein, who plays the main character, Hank Lawson and Paolo Costanzo.

True Blood June 14th (Sunday) HBO
Ahhh...True Blood. There is nothing quite like this show on TV right now. It combines a delicious blend of sex, violence, cheese, sex, story, sex, vampires This is like the adult, grown-up version of Twilight (meaning that even in it's cheesiest moments, it's awesome). I couldn't quite get into Charlaine Harris' novels, even though I wanted to, I just don't like her writing.

True Blood is about Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) who moves back to her home town of Bon Temps, Louisiana and works at a bar, Merlott's, as a waitress. Her boss has a mean crush on her (and a shady/weird past/secret)and he doesn't make it a secret. In this universe vampires have come "out of the coffin", so to speak, and there is a product called True Blood which is a synthetic blood. She meets a man, Bill Compton, in the bar and he turns out to be a vampire. And he appears to have fallen for her.

The main focus for the first season revolves around Sookie's life and some strange and brutal murders around town. Seriously, a great and fun show. And Sam Trammell is mmmm-mmmm good.

Sorry about the mono-sound. Don't know why, but they uploaded it that way.

Hope you watch and enjoy these three shows and stay tuned for more in the coming weeks!

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