Sunday, June 28, 2009


I avoided watching this trailer because the poster isn't that appealing:

Yet, why not watch the trailer? And it looks pretty good. Sure, it's another vampire movie in a sea of lite-on-the-sex/violence Twilight movies, but it's also kind of different looking.

In the near future almost everyone on Earth is a vampire and those who aren't vampires are hunted for their blood, which is apparently farmed...yuck! However, they are running out of humans and now what are they to do? And what happens to them once there is no more blood to feed on? Well it looks like they turn into some kind of horrible freaks without blood! Wonderful!

Ethan Hawke's character stumbles upon some humans who need his help rebuilding the human race. And they have crossbows and Willem Defoe. They seem to have a cure to change them back.

It's got a great looking washed-out blue style and they use a great cover of Kate Bush's Running Up That Hill in the trailer by Placebo. To me, it's looks like what I hoped I Am Legend would have been. Check out the trailer below:

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