Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Literal Music Videos-I might be a Literal Music Video Snob...

Not to poo-poo this new 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' literal music video or anything, but seriously...it's not that good, funny OR well-done. If you want good literal music videos...stayed tuned, I'll point you there. You might ask if I am too harsh on this Bonnie Tyler video: The answer is no...if it was of a quality of the DustFilms videos, I'd love it...it has potential.

The person singing in the Bonnie Tyler one doesn't even sound like Bonnie Tyler and while the video itself is ridiculous, if the goal was to try to rip off the good ones, I say FAIL! EPIC FAIL! There are some funny parts, but overall it just doesn't have the perfection that DustFilms literal music videos have (they can be seen via DustFilms or DustFilms).

Let's review:
Bonnie Tyler 'Total Eclipse of the Heart'

Why isn't it good? Well the aforementioned bad singing. And it's too loud. And what makes a literal music video funny isn't just listing what's going on and then having someone talk funny while she's running through the halls. The whole 'I gotta pee' thing and fart sounds really makes this literal music video turn into lame-attempt-to-rip-off a good literal music video. A funny part: 'What the effing crap? That angel guy just felt me up"...check out the good ones below:

A-Ha 'Take On Me'

This is a great song to begin with, a cutting-edge (for the time, using rotoscoping) video, that was original and fun and the song still stands the test of time (as does Total Eclipse of the Heart). What makes this one SO much better? Well, the singer sounds like Morten Harket, for one. The part where they are talking as they are running through the halls is funny. And the words he used when he changed the lyrics flow.

Tears For Fears 'Head Over Heels'

One of my favorite songs. And again, he made himself sound like Roland Orzabal. Production quality-top notch. And...it's funny!

Billy Idol 'White Wedding'


And the last:

2:55 is the start of my favorite part...actually the whole thing is great. And, I love The Red Hot Chili Peppers, but for all I know these are the original lyrics because I don't have a clue what he's really singing in the real version of this song.

So...do you see the difference? Maybe I'm just a literal music video snob? If so, that's fine by me.

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