Wednesday, June 24, 2009

True Blood "Scratches" Promo "SPOILERS??"

Oh Hoyt Fortenberry...that is a tree you do NOT want to be barking up!

Here's a rundown of the next, glorious episode of True Blood:

  • Sookie frakked up and Bill yells at her. Well, she isn't going to deny Eric's request to go to Dallas NOW.
  • Hoyt starts sniffing (is that gross to say?) around Jessica. She's not a nice girl! She's dead and sucks blood! Or complains and whines mercilessly.
  • Tara asks Maryann why Sam hates her. Maryann says it's because he lost Tara and wants to blame someone. Yeah...that's it! Let me point this out...whenever Michelle Forbes is around, shit gonna go down. Badly.
  • Black-eyed beer drinkers are around with a VO of Sam telling Tara (?) to stay away from Maryann. Everyone is still getting nasty around the bar with her around.
  • Steve tells Jason that there is a war out there and they have to choose sides while frames of Sookie and Eric, Eric and Bill, still-screaming Ginger getting a gun pointed at her by Sookie who says "take me to him!", Jessica biting (eep!) Hoyt, Eric bearing his fangs (NOM NOM) and then grabbing Bill's arm (?), someone running through the night mist and some creepy-gross hand, Sookie getting knocked down...flash by.
  • Oh! I know this is the episode Jason bangs can't be more than 3 episodes in. Yeah. He's talking to Sara on a porch, they're grasping hands.
  • Now Jason is praying in a dark room (?) and saying "I'm lost!" You aren't lost're just dumber than a bag of rocks! And so pretty!
Whew! That's a lot for a 0:37 second promo. Who wants to bet that creepy hand belongs to a werewolf...or something and that it is...Eggs? Or Daphne? Who else could it be?

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