Saturday, May 9, 2009

10 Terminator Salvation clips!

Seriously, is it possible to squeal like a little schoolgirl over some movie clips? Yes? Ok...good. I almost died of sheer joy when I saw Trailer Addict had 10 new clips for Terminator Salvation listed. EEEEEE!

I just saw Star Trek and thought it was awesome, however, since I'm a HUGE Terminator fan (and I fancy the Sam Worthington), I am psyched beyond belief for this gritty, dark, nasty Terminator set after Skynet sets the bombs off.

So without further ado, here are the clips with commentary! Yay!

You Will Not Kill Me

My God, is that Worthington fellow nice to look at! That's not a question, it's rhetorical. Anyway, Marcus tells John that he knows him, he heard his voice on the radio. John says that he knows because Marcus was sent there to kill him. Or was he, John? Marcus demands to be let down, but John says if he lets him down he'll kill everyone in the room. John gets all up in his face (as seen in the first trailer) and says that they've been at war for a long time and tells Marcus that he will not kill him. Sweet!

Whatever You Need

I posted this one yesterday, but because it was part of this delicious package of goodness, here it is again. Blair basically gets hounded by a group of thugs who want the supplies she has (and most likely more). She gets kick-assy at the end.

What Are You Doing Here?

Old Ironside is at it again in this clip. I don't think his character is going to be a fan favorite since he seems to be constantly trying to prove Connor wrong. Oh stupid, stupid man...when will you learn? Connor is the leader of this little party, get used to it. The clip shows General Ashdown talking down to John about how his little stunt almost caused everyone aboard the sub(?) to lose their lives. Connor asks what they found "down there"(?) and some Russian guy says they found a solution that could end the war. Ashdown says that Skynet is a machine and like all machines it has an off switch! Connor says he'll do it. I don't know what "it" is...I want to know. Ashdown says they mount the offensive in four days and when John asks why four days Russian guy says because they intercepted a kill list and it says everyone in the room will be dead by week's end; Connor is number 2 while Kyle Reese is top-dog on the list! Eep!

Abort the Attack

I posted this yesterday too. Connor tells Ashdown to call off or delay the attack since the game has changed. He has a chance to infiltrate Skynet and rescue prisoners. Now that he knows Reese is in there, he NEEDS to get him free or he doesn't exist. It would be interesting to know IF Kyle were killed, would John pull a Marty McFly and start to disappear? Hmmm...

He's Not the Enemy

Blair comes to Marcus' aide when she is told that they are going to dismantle (kill) him because he might know some Skynet secrets. Connor says to call him an IT and to not be naive. While Blair tells Kate that he is not the enemy, she's been shot at by the enemy and he is not it. Kate says that "that machine" saved her only to gain access to all of them. Is that true? I don't know since I haven't seen the movie...but it does raise a tough question.

You Are Not Alone

This clip shows John giving a radio message to those still alive out there that there is a resistance movement. Marcus, Kyle and Star are seen listening in. Connor tells about the T-600's and how they are slow and primitive and a cut to the cortex that is exposed will disable their tracking but not for long. Marcus asks who that is. Kyle answers John Connor as if he's never heard of him and that they must find him. Kyle it's your son, silly.

I'm the Only Hope You Have

John is in the water and those watery-Terminators are all over the place like nasty little water bugs. Marcus wrestles one and John points a gun at him and says that they know what he is even if he doesn't. Marcus says that a gun isn't going to stop him and John says "no one shot you in the heart and I see that thing beating a mile a minute" (his heart is exposed? Ick...that can not be good if it is an organic heart). Marcus says that Kyle Reese is in Skynet and if John kills him, Reese is dead. Marcus steps out of the shadows...oh my god, he's all mettaly and awesome. He tells John to look at him and John says that's why he doesn't trust him. Marcus says he's the only hope he has and that he needs to find who did this to him and so does John. His damaged eye keeps blinking red. Awesome.

I'm John Connor

An elevator descends while Kyle and John wait to see what steps out and...HOLY CRAP! LOOK BEHIND YOU! A Terminator steps out and smacks John and Kyle, they drop what looks like a detonator and Kyle blasts the Terminator with his gun. The stupid elevator does what stupid elevators always do when you want to shut the door so no one else gets on (in this case a murderin' machine, in most other cases it's people who want to chat with you about the weather), takes it's time. John tells Kyle and Star to go and Kyle asks who he is: John Connor!

Come With Me To My Base

Marcus helps Blair down out of a tangled situation and asks where they Transport was going. She says Skynet and if he has friends on there, they are as good as dead. And so will he if he goes that way. He says he's been dead awhile, so he's used to it. She tells him to come to her base and talk to John Connor, he'll know what to do.

Come With Me If You Want To Live

This is one of my favorite clips for many reasons but certainly because I've seen the concept art and to see it in full realization is awesome. That Terminator is scary-as-shit. Marcus sees a figure in the distance and calls out to it and it starts shooting at him. Kyle pushes him out of the way to safety and tells him to come with him if he wants to live. He springs a trap making the Terminator gets flung into the air. They run off and the Terminator shoots itself in the foot to get free. It falls to the ground in a heap, gets up and goes after Kyle and Marcus. It starts blasting away at the wall and Kyle motions to Star and she cuts a rope causing some train-car wheels to fall onto the Terminator, smashing it. AWWWWWesome!

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