Monday, May 18, 2009

FOX's new (soon to be cancelled) Fall Lineup

Fox plopped onto the internet trailers for their new fall shows. Let's review!

Human Target
Mark Valley. Tricia Helfer. Chi McBride. Jackie Earle Haley. I like all four of these people. However, this show sounds like Keen Eddie (which I loved) meets The Pretender (which I also loved)without him actually pretending, blended into a trailer that is TOO long. I watched it and tuned out after about 30 seconds...that's not good. It is produced by McG, who has produced some good shows (Supernatural) but that doesn't mean it will be good.

Past Life
Past Life? How about Soul Whisperer? It's like Ghost Whisperer but with past souls. It might make a good mini-series or limited series, but a whole series? I don't know how this will work. This trailer, again too long, doesn't say what the basic mythology story will be, so I don't know how they are going to handle week after week of the same 'lady-finds-a-lost-soul-reunites-it-with-it's-past-body".

According to io9 Human Target premieres January 17th and there is, rightfully, no date listed for Soul Whisperer.

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