Saturday, May 30, 2009

Torchwood 'Children of Earth' Trailer

I LOVE Torchwood and really wish there were more shows like it. The effects are so much better than Primeval (one reason I can't stand to watch Primeval) I somewhat wonder why they aren't showing Torchwood on network US television...and then I remember the subject matter isn't really family friendly, like at all.

This is technically a trailer for the third season, though it's majorly truncated (to my great sadness), and made me get chills watching it. Who they hell is 'they'? Basically all of the children on Earth stop at the same time and begin to chant "WE ARE COMING" over and over, until they start chanting "WE ARE HERE"...Crreeepppyyy! It's up to Torchwood (minus Tosh and Owen-Boo!) to figure out what is going on.

If you are unfamiliar with Torchwood I am going to give a general synopsis after the trailer and show a clip from one of the best episodes of the series, possibly one of the best episodes of a serialized drama on tv, called 'Adrift'.

So, Torchwood, a spin-off of Doctor Who and an anagram of that title, is basically a secret institute that deals with paranormal/alien/etc goings-on across the world and they keep the news under the radar of the general populace. The show deals with the Cardiff branch of Torchwood and the characters who are a part of the Cardiff branch.

The show is wonderful and even with it's humor and silliness, there are some episodes that really pull at your heartstrings and really are great displays of drama. One particular episode, 'Adrift', was so moving and wonderful that I consider it one of my favorite hours of television.

Skip to 14:00
Torchwood S02E11 ADRIFT part 2

Skip to 4:50-8:50
Torchwood S02E11 ADRIFT part 3

The end scene with Jonah's mother is great as well...

And catch Children of Earth on BBC America this summer.

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