Thursday, May 14, 2009

I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here...yeesh

What is this? Why would anyone watch this? I tried to find one of the stupid TV spots that keep playing on TV...but alas, everyone must have realized it was more important to put videos of paint drying instead. They were right to do that.

I don't understand why a network would spend money on a show like this. It's a line-up that includes random nobody's that may or may not have made some money from: being a dumb blonde with fake boobs "married" to Harry and the Hendersons, being a laughing-stock on American Idol, being a Baldwin (not Alec), being totally made of plastic and continuously touting yourself as "The World's First Supermodel" even though that ship sailed LONG ago, and then there are two more who I don't even know (or care) who they are.

The show says it plops "pampered" celebrities in the middle of the jungle and then viewers decide what punishment they get. Like the most recent ad I saw showed "Susie American" voting Sanjaya to get "the bees" and then he got bees!. Except somehow you know they stayed in 5-star hotels/resorts and had camera crews follow them around. If this lot had been dumped into a real jungle their time would have, mercifully, been short. Instead we get to have these commercials played over and over throughout the summer while, for some reason, ratings go through the roof further establishing the desire of network executives to poop on our television viewing choices.

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