Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Heroes Season 4 trailer

Look...I stopped watching this show round about, at least, a season ago. How is it that other, good shows die early deaths (Sarah Connor Chronicles) and this show just keeps chugging along while everyone beats that dead horse? I know they are different networks and all...but seriously!
What do we get for season 4?

  • Guy-from-Prison Break with a fake Irish accent at a funeral.
  • Sylar kisses Momma Fratelli (I don't remember what her name is on here...I just watched The Goonies, so we'll go with that).
  • Momma Fratelli snaps her back in a diner (bad coffee?) and then talks to Nathan about "new horizons".
  • Looks like Claire is continuing to yak about how she wants to be herself and she's still throwing herself off off ledges and shit to prove she can't get hurt. Yeah, we get it! Oh and Claires room-mate appears to see her fixing her broked down self.
  • Guy-from-Prison Break is still yapping on about family and blah, blah, blah.
  • Ali Larter's boring-ass character is STILL on this show? What the hell? She's blabbing on about breaking and...I don't care!
  • Since I haven't watched this and don't really care, who is Joseph?
  • Looks like they are hocking the stupid Nissan Cube?
  • So this year's story has the whole gang going to a carnival? Alllright.
  • And then a whole bunch of boring crap happens that is supposed to highlight the season. Instead, I got distracted by something shiny on the floor.
Watch it, if you must!

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