Tuesday, July 28, 2009

iMurders trailer

iStupid. iDumb. iRetarded. See, I can do it too! I can put a lower-case 'i' in front of words too and make a title. Hey, Robbie Bryan? I wouldn't put my name at the end, or the front, or at any point of this movie. Why do people nobody has heard of always insist on putting their names in the trailers?

I don't know either...anyway, this delightful film (it's not delightful) has the look and feel of a mid-90's computer game trailer. Which wouldn't be a problem if it was the mid-90's and it was a video game. It's like someone took half a dozen characters from everything from gay comedy to Lifetime Original Movie, and plopped them into a movie that covered the story lines of anything from Scream to P2. Yeah...that one!

Let's watch the trailer:

People play a game (oooh) on a site called FaceSpace (umm...sorry? FaceSpace? Why not TwitBook? Or MyFace?) and DIEEEEEE horrible deaths! How does someone get 'systematically killed' in a chatroom? They might get killed in their homes after visiting the chatroom, or did we also rip-off Virtuality too? This trailer makes my head hurt!

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