Saturday, July 25, 2009

True Blood: Peek at the rest of Season Two!

OMGWTFBBQWii! This looks great!
What goes down?

  • A voice yells "The war has begun!" as Sookie, Hugo and others (??) walk toward a blazing light in the forest.
  • "We are prepared for Armageddon" says Steve.
  • Sookie asks Bill, "What are you?"while Lorena throws Bill down on the bed.
  • Eric says the bond between a vampire and his maker is stronger than Sookie can imagine. He suggests one day she might find out. Bill does not look happy!
  • Maryanne comes to the jail (why is Sam in jail?) to "help" Sam out.
  • Sara tells Jason that God wants them to frak.
  • Steve threatens Jason about choosing "them", while Jason is so stupid he thinks he's talking about Sara.
  • The Dallas vamps fly into a church (?) while someone attacks a bunch of people .
  • That minotaur thing chases Sam who is asking why she is doing this to him and Daphne says it's because Maryanne can't control him.
  • Sookie tells Lorena to, "Go find someone else, you bitch, you've lost this one" and Tara slaps Eggs.
  • More black eyes among Tara and Eggs. I hate those black eyes!
  • Lafayette (yay!) asks Tara if she's even in there! And Tara looks up all creepy and shit with those black eyes...again!
  • Sara tells Jason that he came to prey on her and her vow to her husband.
  • Nan says it's a, "National vampire disaster"
  • Eric whispers to Sookie to trust him (...done!).
  • Maryanne looks like she's in Merlottes and is asking for Sam Merlotte!
  • Steve says that there, "Will be a holy bonfire at dawn!"
  • Eep! Eric is chained to the pulpit with silver and Tara is being torn from a house with those black eyes and she's...hissing?
  • Eggs is shrieking (with the black eyes) in the forest while Maryanne takes off the minotaur face (WTF?)
  • Who is that in bed with Sookie? They have blond hair...Is it Eric? Oh let it be Eric!
  • Flashback to Bill, Lorena all old timey!
  • Bunch of scenes, Bill punches Eric and Steve's standing on the pulpit.
  • Some old timey lady asks, "Want to join me?" Yes, yes I do, lady!

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