Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New District 9 Trailer

I don't know...I am starting to get the idea, based on this trailer, that these aliens might not be just rainbows and sunshine. Anyone else get that idea? And I kind of like the marketing they are laying out for it (even though they mistakenly tried to make a male-only contest because they claim that is their target audience).

The first trailer (which you can find on here, courtesy of Trailer Addict)showed humans saying they didn't want them here and they need to go and they aren't welcome and the aliens saying they want to go, but we have their ship. Now it looks like that may be the case still, yet during an outing some government officials find some kind of lab and a canister containing some kind of spray that may, or may not, start fucking with some guy. Then...all hell breaks loose. Aliens start going ape-shit and smashing humans around and I hope it doesn't devolve into typical "crappy action movie" territory. And why is everyone so in love with these Ironman suits? Now aliens are making and wearing them!

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