Monday, July 6, 2009

Never Be Mine short

This is a really good little short movie by Maria Tornberg. In the movie, she plays Liv, an actress from Sweden who is living in America (Los Angeles, to be exact) trying to make her name. It's her birthday and it sounds like she is waiting for her father to call. She hasn't seen him in 15 years, and he apparently doesn't give a shit.

After some auditions where some casting guy was a complete ass, she goes to a coffee house to meet her boyfriend (or just a guy she's dating) who is a complete ass who only cares about himself. Kind of the typical L.A. "actor" type. A women he knows shows up and they start talking about pilots and shit right over her, completely ignoring her, and she gets up and leaves. On her way out she is approached by the lovely Alexander Skarsgard who she has a little crush on (who the hell doesn't?) and he gives her a birthday present and tells her she has makeup on her face and cleans it off (and she imagines a very nice little snog). She gives him her headshot with her photo and he tells her she is prettier in person, in Swedish. On her way past she sees him talking to some other girl and figures that's over.

She also goes to Ikea and some bitch takes her spot. Her day is shit. And her father still hasn't called. At the very end her answering mached says, "You have one message" and you just hear someone start to talk.

It's a great little movie that Tornberg wrote, directed, starred in and edited and I think she has potential out there. She certainly isn't bad to look at and I really felt how bad she felt throughout all the shitty things happening to her. I can relate to a bad day in Los Angeles as portrayed here.

Never Be Mine

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