Monday, July 20, 2009

True Blood "Never Let Me Go" Recap


Alright...last night's True Blood was not my favorite. Nothing much happened and there was some bad acting; more on that later. First, let's go over what went on:

We learned that Daphne is a shifter too, she's a little deer. But...why does she have those marks? I do not trust her one bit, she's hiding something and I am not sure if her character is one from the books that has been retooled, or not. Oh, she and Sam make out on the pool table.

Sookie talks to Barry the Bellhop and he tells her to go away and leave him alone. Also, he can't control his "ability". He quits by the end of the show...where did he go, and why? Probably because he knows Sookie is going to get him in some kind of trouble because she's got 'Kate Austen'itis, you know what that is, right? If you watch Lost you do. Bill also told Sookie to watch it because Dallas vampires are different. She doesn't listen...because she is Sookie and that's what she does.

Lafayette (hooray! Lafayette!) goes to talk to Sam and asks for his job back. Clearly he is still not totally his old self, but these people are so into themselves, they just go, "Where were you?" and when he says nothing back they think that is just fine. Let's just let him walk off! He isn't okay, people!

Jason is runnin' for Jesus at the Light of Day Camp and during a bath he is treated to a little, well...treat by Sarah. She tells him he needs to be rewarded, so she gives him a "hand" (uh-huh-huh...). Strangely, he tries to ward her off. Come on, Jason! You're Jason! Just do her and make me happy!

And...Maryanne. Maryanne, Maryanne! I read the books so I know what is basically going on, but stuff has been changed, so I am a bit confused. Anyway, Maryanne shows up at Sookies with her bountiful bunch of fruit and crap and Tara tells her to go away since it isn't her house. Maryanne tells her that fancy house wasn't hers and they take care of each other, so she wants to live there. Maryanne isn't that happy that Tara tells her no and so she shows up outside of Merlotte's and makes everyone get pissy at Tara...real nice, Maryanne, real nice! It works in her favor and Tara asks her to stay. Also...I hate Eggs and want him to go away now. He's creepy. If I was Sookie I might not like all these random, weird people in my house.

And now we get to the best and worst part of last night. Eric, Bill and Sookie go to Stan's to talk with him and Isabel. No offense to Valerie Cruz, but the girl can not act and she really ruined every scene she was in. Her attempt at some kind of accent just came off as someone trying to act with a bad accent. The best of the night was learning some of Eric's back-story and why he cares SO much for finding Godric. Some lucky lady won a contest to ask Alexander Skarsgård three questions via email and one of them was about the most fun thing he shot this year. He talked about the battle shown in this episode in which it was done completely in sexy-ass Swedish with some of his friends from Sweden. And it was sexy as hell, even though they were all nasty and shit. I have included it below and if you can get through Valerie Cruz' terrible acting, around 3:30 the Eric Viking part starts. He cares so much about finding Godric because he is his maker. He also appears to have tattoos of some kind. Egyptian, maybe? Also, thank god Eric fixed his teeth since he was turned...them's nasty!

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