Thursday, July 30, 2009

Nelsan Ellis talks about Lafayette

Head over to to check out this awesome video with Nelsan Ellis.

I absolutely LOVE Nelsan Ellis and his character Lafayette and when he answers that he does think of Lafayette as sort-of the Hurley of Bon Temps...I just smiled! Hurley is my favorite character on Lost (besides Desmond) and while they are loads different, Lafayette is the comic relief (at times) just as Hurley is on Lost (also at times). Must be the reason I love them so?

He also talks about the booty-shakin' dances that Lafayette does after drinking V Juice and whether they come from himself or not? Hint: They do!

He also hints that though Bill and Sookie just left his ass at home broken and with a gunshot wound, he might rebound. He has had 1,000 year old Viking vampire blood, courtesy of Eric (Alexander Skarsgård), that Nelsan says gives him some strength that won't go away any time soon. I can't wait to see when Lafayette stops moping around and being all non-Lafayette-like.

Oh and it was announced that there WILL be a glorious third season of True Blood. Now, I just need Alan Ball to cast me as Debbie Pelt, or some other character!

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