Monday, July 13, 2009

True Blood "Never Let Me Go" Promo

Well I still don't know what the title 'Shake and Fingerpop' referred to, but it was a great one! Hell, everyone is great!

Here's the promo and rundown for next week's episode: 'Never Let Me Go'.

  • Eric asks two people if they are sure that Godric was abducted by the Fellowship of the Sun
  • The guy says they are the only ones with the organization and manpower.
  • Sookie's wearing too much makeup and she and Bill look around all "what's he mean"-like.
  • Rev. Newlin and Sarah are talking to some big, hulking dude. Newlin tells him he has valuable information. He says he'll pay whatever it is along.
  • A fat guy runs with Luke and Jason.
  • Sam asks Lafayette (yay!) what happened to him and Lafayette asks to talk to him.
  • Maryanne and that creepy guy she slapped ("Nobody asked for towels!") are sitting in a car in the Sookie's?
  • Tara asks Eggs (I don't like this character at all...he creeps me out) what his deal is with Maryanne. "They take care of each other." (riiiiggghhhttt)
  • Bill tells Sookie they should slip away to Bon Temps but she says she promised Eric. (Sorry Bill, Eric is WAY hotter).
  • Steve and Sarah tells Jason he's rising to the next level and Steve takes Jason off for a walk.
  • Ed Quinn tells someone "It's a war" (I don't know what his character's name is)
  • Images flash: Jason has a rocket launcher and says "Amen", Tara looks surprised, Sam looks shocked, someone gets thrown into a fenced-in area, Sam looks astonished/scared (?), Terry picks up Arlene (why is Sam so shocked at that?), Bellhop runs from Sookie, Jason's in a bathtub (?), Sam is with Daphne, Steve's pointing a gun at someone (Probably Jason)
  • and...Bill asks Eric "All this for a colleague...why?"

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