Wednesday, July 1, 2009

True Blood "Shake and Fingerpop" Promo **SPOILERS??**

It's that time again. Time for me to run down the next episode of True Blood via its promo! And what's this nonsense about having to wait until July 12th?

A person has needs! And my need is more of that sexy Alexander Skarsgard (Eric) and more of that pearl-clutchin' Lafayette (he better get his ass back to pearl-clutchin', I'm just sayin').

I really like how every episode of True Blood has a title that gives a little hint at something that will go down. Like last week, for instance, it was called "Scratches" and Sookie was attacked by something and scratched and Daphne had some kind of weird scratch (like Sookie's) that has healed down her back. And then the end song kind of plays on something that went on in the episode too. Last week it was 'Scratches' by Debbie Davies, which came on right after they showed Daphne's back. I just love it. So I am a little perplexed at this next episode's title...

On to the promo:

  • Lafayette seems to be dozing, still wrapped in that afghan, all cried out, when *POOF*, Eric appears at his window.
  • Lafayette tells him he can't come in unless he's invited and he tells Lafayette that he has to come out eventually. Oh hell! I'd let him in STAT! Come on Lafayette! I know he tortured and fed off you and tied you back up in the basement, but you have eyes, right? Let.Him.In. I would.
  • Ut oh! Look's like Jason is being summoned out to Reverend Newlin. What did he go and do now (Not the Reverend's wife...yet. Come on Stackhouse, my bet was by episode 3...I lost)?
  • And Newlin has a gun...great. And they are taking a trip together, wonderful!
  • Sookie gives the photo of her, Tara and Gran to Tara as a birthday present and they'll celebrate properly when she gets back from Dallas.
  • Tara tells Maryanne that she's moving in with Sookie. Maryanne's reaction? Chuckle-chuckle-chuckle in that "Oh hell NO, you aren't" kind of way.
  • Bill asks why this is personal to Eric. Eric says that "if one such as he can be taken, then none of us are safe". Hmmm...Damn, you are pretty!
  • And Jason seems to be attacked (by himself, 'cause that's how he "attacked" Dawn in season 1) by someone. Someone can "smell that hot blood".
  • Bill tells Eric that "open agression against humans is insane", while Sookie gets grabbed and screams; someone gets punched on a lawn; someone on a bed; Sam; Jason points a gun in a Jeep; Maryanne vibrates; Jason punches someone; Tara screams; and Daphne whispers in someone's (Sam's?) ear, "I know what you are".

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