Saturday, August 29, 2009

2009 Television Season - Monday Night!

What to watch? What to avoid? What's returning? These are all important questions that I intend to answer for you. I'm only covering scripted television shows because I hate "reality" TV programs. If you'd like to find when your next bad American remake of a Japanese game show or girl-who-dates-a-bunch-of-men-on-TV show, airs you can hit up Google.

There are a number of returning shows to Monday night. CBS has their line-up of comedy shows (How I Met Your Mother, Accidentally on Purpose, Two and a Half Men and Big Band Theory) followed by CSI:Miami. I'm not really a fan of CSI, but here's the promo for the new season:

-Yep, "Miami" is still orange and Caruso still wears his glasses whilst puffing out air with his hands on his hips.

ABC has Castle's sophomore season. As a lover of all things Nathan Fillion, I watch this show. As a plus, it's pretty cute. I need to catch up on all the episodes I missed from last season. Nathan Fillion plays a writer who is researching Stana Katic's Beckett for his new series of books.
Promo for season 2:

One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl are still clamoring along. They are not my favorites at all, I actually find Gossip Girl to be filled with boring plot lines and terrible actors. One Tree Hill is entertaining to watch if I happen to catch it on reruns, but I never watch it weekly.

One Tree Hill

-That's a really crappy promo.

Gossip Girl

-Penn Badgley is the only thing worth looking at on this show, but the show's so dumb I can't bring myself to watch it!

There's nothing new on FOX this season as House returns followed by Lie To Me
. I don't follow House but it would appear he's in a mental institution? And I did hear that most of the original cast would be returning, which is part of the reason I stopped watching. I do enjoy Hugh Laurie being such a nasty ass and the season looks intriguing, so maybe I'll start watching again.
I've never watched Lie To Me, though I've heard it's good and I like Tim Roth.

NBC has the most interesting schedule this fall with the return of Heroes (which fell by my wayside last season went it began to get incredibly stupid and boring, hopefully this season will get better) and a new show, Trauma, starring the lovely Billy Lush. They went a little overboard with the promo music they show in theatres, but the show does look interesting.

-I'm just so sick of the "I'm a cheerleader and Claire Bennett and I just want to be normal but let me throw myself out a window as my friend looks on" as well as whatever the character Ali Larter plays; she always is annoying and hasn't been interesting since the first season.

-This trailer gets a little overboard music-wise at the end, but the show does look very good. And again, Billy Lush.

According to the schedule, Chuck will replace Heroes and Trauma in the spring.

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