Tuesday, August 18, 2009

'The Fourth Kind' Trailer

I will not watch this again. I saw it over the weekend and nearly had a panic attack. Why? Because I am terrified of aliens. I'm not talking HR Giger/Ridley Scott 'Alien' aliens, though those would no doubt cause me to die instantly if encountered, I'm talking X-Files aliens. Terrified.

Here are two heartwarming stories why. My mom let me watch 'Communion' when it was on TV (I can't even look at the book cover), and my mom took me to see 'Fire In the Sky' when I was 12 or 13, whenever it came out. She says it was because I "wanted to see it". I don't care if I begged, the answer should have been "HELL NO!" Instead her answer was "Sure, what harm can it do?" Well, lifelong harm...that's what. I tried to watch the clip from 'Communion' that is stuck in my head for eternity a year ago on YouTube and couldn't do it.

I'm not even kidding about this. I can take any number of monsters, freaks, torture porn...anything else, but if an alien is going to be on screen my eyes are closed, I change the channel and/or I have a near-panic attack. So, for those of you who do not get scared to death by aliens, here is the trailer:

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  1. Communion and Fire in the Sky are the two most terrifying movies ever made. We share a common fear.