Monday, August 17, 2009

True Blood "I Will Rise Up" *SPOILERS*

And for the third week in a row True Blood topped itself. There were no orgies but there was nudity, so that was nice. True Blood is my little happy treat that I get to eat once a week during the summer. Then for the rest of the week, I starve myself so I can gobble up that delicious dessert with wreckless abandon. I just love it!

This week opens right where last week ended, at Godric's mansion and the arrival of Luke (The Lukinator) with his handy bomb-vest. Bill is still outside telling Lorena to buzz off, she still isn't real happy. See?

Inside Bill finds Sookie covered with Eric; he saved her. While Bill heads out to stop the rest of the FOtS people, Eric tells Sookie that he can't heal himself on account of the silver. She has to suck the silver out of his chest. I don't find anything wrong with this, but Sookie hates Eric...she does it anyway. He has her now. Bill walks in and catches Sookie sucking the silver out of Eric and he knows the game Eric is playing. Sookie lays out one of the best lines of the episode, "You big lying A-hole!" Now he will always know what she's thinking and feeling, this is NOT good for Bill. Bill later informs Sookie that as a consequence of the blood, she may feel sexual feelings for him at some point; Eric was determined to form this bond with her.

Hoyt and Jessica are still talking about the fact that she will forever be a virgin. Hoyt says he won't leave her and that she should meet his mother. Ol' Maxine Fortenberry sure is a surly one, this can't go well for the two of them.

Tara and Eggs (he can die whenever he wants to, please) are all beat-to-shit, which is the result of the nasty Hunter's Souffle Maryann served them. They don't have a clue what is going on and Maryann starts yapping about mystic's acting ecstatic for their Gods.

This woman is one wacky-ass freak and I feel an orgy coming up in the next week or two. But she does have a bottle of vodka at the ready, so maybe she isn't all bad?

Sam is still stuck in the jail with all the other orgy nutters. Of course he's in his own cell, so there's that.

Sookie can't sleep and she goes to talk to Jason in his room. Jason apologizes for going along with the FOtS and Sookie brings up their Grandmother and says they have to do good for their family name. They both apologize to each other for everything they've ever done to each other and Sookie tells him he isn't stupid he just needs to use his brain instead of letting it take up space, he's just lazy. Then she turns on the TV and Steve and Sarah Newlin are on talking with Nan Flanagan about the bombing. Sarah provides the next best line of the evening, "I hate your hair." I really enjoy Michael McMillian as Steve.

Poor Arlene is all alone at Merlotte's and she and Terry talk. Turns out neither of them remember what happened during their blackouts. In walks Tara and Eggs and Lafayette immediately recognizes that someone has been beating down on Tara. He assumes, correctly, that it was Eggs and confronts him. He's been noticing for the past couple weeks that something ain't quite right with Eggs. They get into it and Tara and Eggs leave, while Lafayette calls everyone else 'necks...I love you Lafayette! I am SO glad they didn't kill him off like in the books.

Finally Hoyt gets a pair and stands up to his mother. He says she hates everyone and he doesn't understand why she has so much hate in her. He tells her that if she doesn't come meet Jessica he'll leave and she'll never see him again!
Honestly I was ready for Hoyt to be the killer last season, he was just such a momma's boy and I am glad he's finally coming into his own.

And then there was the scene seen around the world! Sookie dreams of Eric, or Eric makes her dream of him. I'm not quite sure. Either way it was quite a scene that lets Sookie see that Eric has emotion, at least in her dreams. She also sees Lorena in the dream and I don't know if she was really there or just something Eric was putting there to allow get her away from Bill. Either way, as he states to her, "This is the beginning." I have to say that it must have been a real difficult day of filming. Seeing Alexander Skarsgård do anything makes my day, but throwing him in naked and I'm even happier. He is a fine looking man clothed or nude.

Maryann shows up at the jail looking for Sam. But Sam has turned himself into a fly and Maryann is NOT happy, but she does release everyone.

Jessica, Hoyt and Maxine are at Merlotte's and soon enough Jessica starts annoying Maxine. She's told that Maxine won't be letting her ruin her son's future and she insults Jessica with a comment about not being able to offer her son children. Hoyt gets up and storms out with Jessica and says he won't be coming home ever. Maxine grabs the beer bottle and starts a'swiggin'.

Ut-oh, Lafayette and LettieMae show up at Sookies where Tara, Eggs and Maryann are playing cards and drinking. They want to take her away but Eggs gets all up in their faces and the black eyes come out to play. A fight breaks out and ends with Lafayette kicking Eggs' ass (thank you, Lafayette) and they steal Tara. Maryann tells Eggs to let them go because she'll come back and bring them with her.

Back at the hotel, Nan is scolding Godric about the PR mess he's created and all she has to clean up. And a little aside, what is going on behind her...
Acid-wash pants? And they're spandex? They do NOT look good. Every time they showed Nan my gaze floated over to those damn pants! And Sookie keeps looking over at Eric and Bill catches her. Godric also confesses that he went willingly to the FOtS because they would have taken one of them eventually. Really it's because he has a death wish. Nan fires him and Sookie tries to stick up for him before he apologizes for everything that he has caused. Nan tells him to just chill out, it's just a couple of signatures.

Back at Merlotte's Maxine and her friends are drinking and talking when in walks Maryann, bringing in the wind. She demands to know where Sam is and everyone's eyes turn black and they say he hasn't been there all day. She says she wants him, the God demands his sacrifice. He's over at Andy Bellefleurs hotel room, naked.

Eric confronts Godric before he goes up to the roof and on his way out Bill stops him and says they have a score to settle. Eric tells Bill now isn't the time and Bill punches him straight in the face and asks if he's made his point? Eric tells him to get out of the way.

Sookie tells Bill that she is going up to the roof to talk to Godric, she feels she owes him. Bill doesn't understand why she feels she needs to help. And then comes the most heartbreaking and beautiful scene I've seen on this show to this day. And Skarsgård broke out the beloved Swedish.

Eric pleads with Godric NOT to meet the sun and shows how incredibly wonderful an actor Alexander is. This entire episode showcased him brilliantly and allowed him to show all the miniscule facets he brings to the character of Eric. It's no secret that I adore him, but he is amazing in this role (if it's a secret I adore him, you haven't been paying attention).

Anyway, Sookie says she will stay with Godric as long as it takes for him to meet the sun. He tells her it won't take long at his age. He asks her about God and if he will be forgiven for his sins, though he doesn't think he deserves it. She says God doesn't punish and he will be forgiven. And then he meets the sun

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