Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Lovely Bones trailer

Dubbed 'To Catch a Stanley Tucci' over at I Watch Stuff, which made me laugh until I saw the trailer and realized that I don't think I want to see Stanley Tucci play not only a murderer but a child murderer (who favors young girls?). I will watch it anyway because it looks absolutely beautiful and the production design looks phenomenal!

The movie follows the "life/death" of a young girl (Saorise Ronan)who is murdered (by Tucci) and whose body, I think, is not found (at least not right away). She is caught in the Inbetween and observes the lives of both her family members and her murderer, who still haunts her. Her father (Mark Wahlberg) is obsessed with solving her death and her sister looks to get into some trouble when she breaks into the murderers house to look for evidence. The movie is directed by Peter Jackson and looks visually breath-taking! Now I need to get the book and add it to my ever-growing stack of books I need to read.

Some screen caps:

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