Wednesday, August 5, 2009

'El Orfanato' (The Orphanage) being remade??

Reports are that the fantastic Spanish film is going to be remade (of course) for us Americans who are unable to read English subtitles while still being able to watch the action onscreen. At least I assume this is the reason, why else would you need to remake a movie from 2007? And a nearly perfect, suspenseful movie at that!

But...this might not be all that bad, oh no. You see, Guillermo del Toro himself has chosen Larry Fessenden to write and direct and we all love del Toro, so it might not be ALL bad. But really, is it needed? No. It's not needed as much as a remake of 'Låt den rätte komma in' isn't needed, which is not at all.*

*I know, I know. The remake of 'Let the Right One In' (now called 'Let Me In') isn't a remake, it's supposed to be more like the book. But it seems to be leaning towards making Eli look less androgynous and more obviously female/cutesy. Lina Leandersson nailed the role in the original and was able to meld those two sides of the character brilliantly and the last photos of the three girls possibly to play Eli in the remake fit that "cutesy girl" look. I hope I am wrong. Plus, it's a giant slap in the face to Swedish cinema to make a movie they already made brilliantly a year ago, over again with a new name. Just watch the original!

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