Saturday, August 22, 2009


I know this is a movie/TV/game blog, but I recently ran across this incredibly awesome band from Sweden that is pretty much unknown in the U.S., and this is a sad thing because they are awesome.

A band that has been around for quite awhile, and despite two attempts to make their name known in the U.S., they are completely unique to anything I've heard before yet can be grouped together with some well-known American, Scottish and English groups like Depeche Mode, Travis, and The Killers.

I came across them the other day while writing up the feature on 'The Invisible' and 'Den Osynlige'. Someone made a little music video using their song 'LÃĪngtan Skala 3:1' and clips from the movie (which show how similar the American version is to the original). I immediately went to YouTube and listened to a ton of their songs and ran around the Internets trying to find where to buy the songs. Most are out of print or not available on Amazon except through Marketplace sellers (which is where I bought 'Vapen & Ammunition', 'Isola' (English and Swedish version) and their most recent album 'Tillbaka Till Samtiden'. I'm sure you can find them through other means, but I don't do that.

Here are some of their videos for you to enjoy and to fall in love with them like I have:

This isn't a video...but I love the song!

What makes 'Kent' so unique and amazing is, like Travis and Depeche Mode, nothing sounds the same. Every song is great.

*puss och kram!*

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  1. "If You Were Here" is such a great song by them. I dig the whole Isola album.