Thursday, August 20, 2009

'When In Rome' Trailer

At first glance this appears to be a really cute little chick flick,but then it devolves into what I described below and you can tell it is in fact a typical formula along the lines of 'Simply Irresistible' but without Sean Patrick Flannery..

There's the cute girl (Kristen Bell) who is just work-crazy and single-in-the-city. She meets her ex at a party and mistakes that he wants to get back together just to learn he's really marrying someone else. Then there is the cute guy (Josh Duhamel) who writes articles about, I assume, women and how to sleep with them. They meet at her sister's wedding where she fails to smash a vase and, therefore breaks a tradition. Everyone hates her. She dances around in a fountain and takes some coins thereby drawing, magically, several men into her spell. They follow her around like little puppies and hilarity ensues! But...does cute boy really like her, or is it just the spell of stealing the coins?

Who really cares after watching the trailer where it's all spelled out for you? And with music from such artists as: Jason Mraz, The Academy Is and whoever the hell is 3OH!3 (Yeah...that is apparently a group of some kind) how can you resist? They actually show the fact there is music in the movie from these specific artists.

And one last tidbit: When you say at the end of a movie, "Directed By Mark Steven Johnson", when no one knows who the hell a Mark Steven Johnson is, it leads me to look on imdb to see who his father was and/or what crap he's directed. Let's see...Okay, he directed such crap as Daredevil and Ghost Rider. That explains it!

One plus is that Lee Pace is in it for a few minutes.

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