Wednesday, August 19, 2009

True Blood "New World In My Eyes" Promo

Ut-oh...things do NOT look good back in ol' Bon Temps!

Sookie and Jason return (I assume with Bill and Eric?)and it looks like Hurricane Katrina hit all over again. Instead, it's just Maryann letting everyone go ape-shit throughout the town in her crusade to find Sam. This storyline is a bit different than the books, so I don't know where they are going with it.

Sookie and Jason look confused...and I concur!

What's that you got there, Carl? A kitty-kat? That's kind of nasty!

Is this "Something living to sacrifice" that the people are bringing, Sam? It looks like his shit-kickers!

Bill doesn't know how to defeat her...yeah, she looks like she's having a really good time. I honestly don't know how they are going to get rid of her, but I feel an orgy coming on!

What is the war you've been training for, Jason? Against Maryann or the crazy-Newlins?

Did Sookie open her damn mouth...again!? Maryann is giving her the old neck-grab-throw-up-against-the-wall.

That answers my previous shit-kicker query!

Who is that? Is that Maryann, or Maxine Fortenberry?

Who the hell is Lafayette so scared of? Bill?

And who is that sexy man biting...shirtless? Is it the same person as above? And was he crying?

Jason's gearing up for that war...with someone. He's got a chainsaw!

He's gonna kill us all? Jason? Whoever the hell Maryann works for? Who?

Here's the full promo:

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