Wednesday, August 19, 2009

'Legion' Red Band Trailer

A.) 5:12 isn't a trailer, it's at least a featurette and more like the entire movie in 5:12.

B.) Parts look scary, parts look stupid and most of it looks like it takes place in a diner in the middle of BFE. How that can keep the attention of people for 2 hours (or more like 3, I'm guessing) I have no idea.

C.) It was kind of awesome when the old lady in the diner started telling the girl that the baby was going to burn and then started swearing at everyone. It became lame when she started crawling around on the ceiling like a bug via Roland Emmerich-style CGI.

D.) Remember 'Dogma' and the bitching that was done about that movie by the religious folk? Well, no matter what this movie is actually about, there will no doubt be bitching of the same type.

E.) Kevin Durand.

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