Thursday, August 6, 2009

True Blood "Timebomb" clips

First, I notice that the title to this weeks episode is 'Timebomb' and knowing that the title usually references the end-title song, I really hope it's the song 'Timebomb' by Jessy Greene.


*Excuse the 'Burn Notice'/Jeffrey Donovan goodness. It was used in the season 2 finale.

Anyway...back to 'True Blood'. Here are two new clips from Sunday's episode:

-Eric is following Godric's orders and getting Sookie out of the Fellowship of the Sun church (I don't think they'll make it out safely). I love when he tells her not to use words she doesn't understand and words he doesn't understand. I love Sundays.

-Bud Dearborne and Kenya are interrogating Sam. Poor, poor Sam. Someone called in an anonymous tip about a body, that would be Daphne's body, and they think Sam killed her. He didn't. Technically Eggs (the most annoying character EVER!) did via Maryann.

HBO for original clips.

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