Monday, August 10, 2009

True Blood 'Timebomb' round-up **SPOILERS**

Holy crap, this episode was the best this season, I know I said that about last week's but...whatever! And it was orgy-free! Now for the highlights (and some lowlights):

  • Godric snaps Gabe's neck. I can't stand that guy, he was creepy and mean. I'm glad Godric killed him. Strangely, he was the only guy he did kill or had killed this entire episode. What up with that, Goddy?
  • Eric rushing in to save Godric (or Sookie too?)
  • Jason is just shot with a paint pellet. This scene has some classic "Jason-is-a-moron" lines. "Oh, I'm saved", "Oh for Heaven's sake, grow a brain cell...PAINT BALLS!" "You're worse than Judas!", "Why? What'd he do to you?" Man he sure is stupid...but he's pretty!
  • Eric leans into Sookie (panties dropping across the country!) and tells her to trust him. He walks out all hunched over and with a silly nerd voice tells them that Steve sent him to guard the door. He also glamors a stake from one of the guys and Sookies shrieks "Stake!" and Eric knocks all the guys down and Sookie, in her infinite annoyingness tells him that he doesn't have to kill them. For some reason, he listens to her!
  • Halfway through the sanctuary and in walks Steve! He says he doesn't give a shit about Godric getting away since all they needed was a vampire for their morning "vampire burnin'" and they have one...Eric. For some reason I just love the stupid-ass grin on Michael McMillian's (Steve) face, it's just pricelessly stupid!
  • Oh! It was Lorena who stole Barry the Bellman. Now she wants to feed on him and Bill is all like, "Stop. Don't. Leave him alone. I'm fucking annoying." She bites Barry and says there is something different about him. I will admit it was pretty damn awesome when Bill smacks her over the head several times with the plasma TV; this won't turn out well.
  • Jessica and Hoyt are finally doing it...and in bursts Bill. He tells Hoyt that if he truly cares for her, he'll take her back to Bon Temps right now before the sun rises.
  • The card reading between Tara and Lafayette where he tells her she'll have to make a sacrifice in the matter of her heart. Him skeedaddling to "Go clean a grill or something".
  • Lafayette jolting when Tara asks if he's okay to close up. He was obviously listening as he obviously doesn't like Eggs (welcome to the crowd Lafayette).
  • Jason rolling up all "I'm from the Light of Day Institute".
  • Sam finding Daphne's dead body in his freezer and getting a visit from the cops. I'm pretty sure Maryann is the one who calls the cops, so why in the promo for next week does it seem like she doesn't know where he is? Is she an idiot?
  • Maryann cutting up the heart with the dullest knife in history and humming a little creepy song. At least there aren't any orgies...yet!
  • Is it wrong to find Alexander Skarsgård incredibly sexy while moaning in pain because he's covered in a silver chain? No? Okay, good!
  • Sookie telling them that Steve's analogy about silver doesn't make any sense.
  • Eric offering himself for Godric and the girl...Steve says no, maybe they'll tie her him during the bonfire!
  • Bill finally shows up!
  • Jason shooting Steve in the hand and in the forehead...nice!
  • Eric attacking Steve and (once again?) listening to Sookie by not killing him. Oh, and the Dallas vamps arrive...and to kill everyone.
  • Godric arrives! And asks which of the people are willing to die for Steve's madness, no one responds. Steve is left broken...but he probably won't go down quietly. He's a religious nutcase, they usually don't!
  • One of the most disturbing and gross scenes: Tara and Eggs eating that nasty soufflé that Maryann made. Ick! Then them fighting before making out. And there are the black eyes again.
  • Sam ending up in jail with a bunch of other people who keep blacking out and who were in the orgies.
  • Andy coming to Sam's aide. He was doing good until he started talking about the bull with claws. Poor Andy, they all think he's drunk.
  • Lorena being humiliated by the other vampires...I'm sure she won't be gone forever!
  • And...Luke walking in. Telling Jason to get out and then showing his bomb. Credits and me going, "Damn it!"
Can not wait for next week:

Some clips from last night:

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