Thursday, August 27, 2009

Travis- Another Band You Should Know and Love...

Since I covered 'Kent' the other day, I figured I'd pay homage to an equally awesome and overlooked band (though not as overlooked as 'Kent'), and that would be the phenomenal Scottish band 'Travis'.

Chris Martin (of 'Coldplay', not one of my favorites), calls himself a poor man's Fran Healy, the lead singer and songwriter of 'Travis'. Not only is that the truth, but Fran Healy is highly praised as a songwriter and musician (as is his band) and the band deserves way more recognition than they get. It would be nice if just for once I say, "I love Travis" and get more than a blank stare and, "Who?" But I digress. Here are a bunch of great 'Travis' songs starting with the hidden track off of 'The Man Who' entitled "Blue Flashing Lights".

This song, clearly, is about an abusive father and husband. Something that Fran Healy openly states was behavior his father doled out to his mother and to him and to which keeps him from having a relationship with his father to this day. I've never experienced this type of behavior in my own home, but it's still very powerful.

*This video isn't an "Official" video, it's a student project, but it is very good.

Another song dealing with domestic violence...but tell me what other songwriter and band could make a depressing song so likable while still remaining relevant? Besides 'Travis', I would have to say 'Kent'.

I love this video. The other band mates bet Fran that he can't do push-ups until midnight and he takes the bet. He stays all day and just before midnight a man comes around the corner and starts to get chased by some other men. Fran is too weak to help him and it ends with him trying desperately to stand up and come to the man's rescue.

This is probably the cutest 'Travis' video and of course it's 'disabled by request'ed all over the place. So here is the link: Independiente Records
And here is a YouTube "video" of the song:

This is just a feel good song and video...absolutely fun! Of course it's 'disabled by request'. Here is the YouTube link
This video isn't that great, but at least you can listen to the song.

This is a weird one, but the song is awesome!

Okay...I'm stopping there. I could spend ALL day finding and listening to all the awesome videos and songs 'Travis' has produced. And I just don't have that kind of time right now! Please take it upon yourselves to head over to YouTube and soak in their glory.

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